Thursday, June 12, 2014

2000 lives saved

My apologies to our followers of this blog. The Administrator (me!) had a baby and moved and this blog has been neglected. 

That said, I am back with a bang and have some very exciting news!

Big Dogs Huge Paws has found homes for 2,000 RESCUED DOGS! 

We are so happy for the lives saved and so thankful for our Volunteers who made it possible!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet Krissy

We all love Krissy and hope giving her some extra plugs on this blog and our FB pages might drive some extra interest.

See, Krissy isn't a purebred Mastiff and she's a little on the elderly  side. These two characteristics can sometimes make people keep scrolling as they come across her profile on our website.  We don't think that's very fair and want to do our part to let you know what a great dog she is.

She was left at a shelter and was horribly depressed. BDHPI agreed to take this old lady and she has been doing wonderful in her foster home. While she is very loved, we all agree Krissy deserves a home of her own!

She is great with kids, cats and dogs! She has great house manners and is about as laid back as they come!

To learn more about Krissy, go here:

Friday, January 17, 2014

We love her, but she needs a home! Meet Daisy

Daisy is a very sad story that breaks all of our hearts. She is a darling 10 year old Harlequin but is absolutely terrified of the world. She certainly enjoys the companionship of other animals and is very comfortable with them but she needs some time to warm up to us humans.

We are not sure what happened in her life but she is going to need a very special human for the years she has left. When Daisy comes to a new place she is very timid, she will hug the walls and stand near the corner. She simply retreats- She is NEVER aggressive.

Daisy is the perfect houseguest. She doesn't chew, rarely barks, is house trained and really her only requirement is patience and a warm bed.

February will mark 1 year since she has been in rescue. She is welcome to stay for as long as she needs but we would all love to find this sweet girl her special home.

We are encouraging a home with no small kids due to her love of peace and quiet :)

Here is a link to her page: