Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Man

It is raining Seniors here at BDHPI! Noone is even asking about them :( Yes, they are older, but they also need love and a home too! Seniors bring such a calm vibe to your home. They nap, they eat, they go for a 10 minute walk, they nap some more. It doesn't get any easier than that! And you the new owner, get to show true love to a dog who has lived almost a whole lifetime without it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Only 52 days left....

...Until the 2nd annual " Run with the Big Dogs" 2010 5k Event!

When: Saturday August 14th
Where: Clement Park in Littleton CO
Time: 7:30am-Registration; 8:25-Blessing of the Animals; 8:30 Race time
Cost: $50 for Individual, $75 for Family. Includes goodie bag & Race T-shirt (2 for Family)
What if you can't come: You can "Snooze for the Big Dogs"- $50 and a t-shirt will be mailed

To Register:
2) Click on "Donate"
3) Indicate your donation is for the 5k, Single or Family & size of t-shirts

Shopping-Music-Food-Drink-Microchipping-Nail Trims-Foster Alley-BDHPI Merchandise

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog Days (Nebraska)

Have we mentioned lately how wonderful our volunteers are? The group in NE attended Dog Days and had a great time. Lots of exposure for our rescue and hopefully we earned a few new volunteer too!

Jake....who is STILL waiting for a home!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Get ready! This assortment, plus more, are coming all the way from NC to Denver, CO for our "Run With the Big Dogs" 5k event!

If you haven't started shopping at Furry Baby Fashions (, than you certainly should! If you do shop there, than I know how excited you are that Owner, Julie, is flying all the way out there for the event.

We can't wait!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update from Beamer's family

Thanks so much for checking in with us! So far, Beamer has been adjusting amazingly well. He and our cat became fast friends (his tail is her new favorite toy to “bat” at) and he’s just been a joy so far. He’s quickly become the hit of our town…everybody loves this big, silly boy! Gregg and I are both in disbelief at how well behaved and sweet he is. He’s on a big hike with his dad today and we’re getting ready for his first camping trip next week (we’ll be sure to send pictures!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That incredible amount of money is how much our KS Volunteers raised at the garage sale this past weekend!! $3100, can you believe that?

Many thanks to Kristy and Nolan Pauley who opened their garage and yard to host this event! And many thanks to everyone who donated items and of course to all of you who shopped!

Look for one coming to Colorado this summer!!!!

Update on Lola and Chance

From Mikey- BDHPI Volunteer & Adopting Mom of Chance and Lola the BullMastiffs:

I just thought I'd give you a little update. Lola went on her first camping trip. I just took them up in the mountains around Leadville and we did the tent thing. I was nervous being by myself but with Chance guarding the tent door, all was well. Chance slept good but she tossed and turned all night, I don't think she thinks the tent floor is as comfortable as her snuggle chair that she has taken over but her and and Chance loved the freedom of just running wherever they wanted.

She has also learned she loves water. We have a Lab hiking buddy who is showing her the ropes. She loves to run as fast as she can through the water and just runs and runs in it. She hasn't swam on her own, but I did push her out a little deeper and she swims well. I think in a couple of weeks she will be retrieving sticks from the deep water, not just the shallow water. Chance likes the water too, but doesn't get as excited as Lola. When she gets out she tries to get any dog around her to play whether they want to or not.

Mom has talked me out of letting the dogs sleep with me, probably because one new comforter just got ruined but more because I was having more frequent trips to the chiropractor probably due to picking Lola up to get on the bed and big old Chance as well. So I put new doggie beds on the floor next to my bed and and they laid down on them while looking at me with those sad brown eyes. Well, I heard little paws on the wood floor about 10 minutes later but was too lazy to get up. In the morning I found Lola on the snuggle chair and Chance on the loveseat, they are above dog beds. Now, I don't even try to get them on the doggie beds, I just tuck them in while they are on the couch and chair and I have to go sleep by myself.

Anyway, all is well and I will send some water pix soon!!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

C.A.R.E Wine Tasting

(Lindsay Condon, Bree Dew & Linda Fox from C.A.R.E)

Thanks to all that came out to support C.A.R.E Wine Tasting!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Behind every animal rescuer is an supportive X,Y or Z- fill it with the following: wife, husband, partner, mother, father, child.

Because they love you, they let you do what you love.

-The don't get too angry when dinner is late due to an dog emergency.
-They ignore the extra 5,000 miles you put on your car in a year doing transports.
-They smile and nod when you spend yet another $10 on a cute new collar for a foster dog.
-They purse their lips together when they see a foster dog having an accidnet on your new carpet.
-They know how to run a Swiffer like nobodies business
-They help feed your 3 dogs, plus your foster and hardy every complain.
-They listen to your endless stories about the next dog in need.
-They allow you to "come off" your foster break when a dog is in need.

Without the support of a wonderful X in your life, animal rescue would be tough. You would constantly be torn between your obligations. With a wonderful X, you get the best of both worlds.

So to all of you "X's" out there, thank you for loving us so we can do what we love!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


654...that is the number of dogs that have found their forever homes since August 2008 thanks to the incredible efforts of all involved at BDHPI.

The Officer Board is incredibly humbled to work with such dedicated and amazing Volunteers. We could never do it without you!

Congrats to all of our adopting families for making a difference!

What are you doing Sunday morning?

If you just answered nothing, than I have a plan for you! The Pearl Street Farmer's Market and Pet Fair in Denver, CO. BDHPI will have a booth and there are tons of other rescue that are going to be there as well. It was a ton of fun last year- pets and shopping!

The market is located on the 1500 block of the Old South Pearl Street between Florida Avenue and Iowa Avenue in Denver.

Come on out..grab a Starbucks to sip, bring the kids, bring the pooches! Come see us!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The love of a Dane....

Suz, a BDHPI volunteer, goes way back with many of us here. She has adopted two Danes over the years and we were so sad when she lost Megan last year. She still has crazy Kaya- a special needs girl with bad legs and a tiny bit of "Please never leave me Mommy" syndrome.

Suz also has been bravely battling ovarian cancer this year and Kaya has been a wonderful support system for her. Kaya seems to sense she is needed and takes her job as guardian very seriously! For those of you who may need to give Suz a shot in the future, consider yourself warned :)

Suz and Kaya recently did a photo shoot with Claire Bow, who you may remember did our beautiful "A Rescue Story" photo book. The pictures are gorgeous and show the true bond between dog and owner.

It amazing how they always know when we need them most??


If you are near Wichita, KS please join our incredible volunteers as they host a large garage sale to benefit BDHPI!

Dates: June 4,5,6
Where: 830 N Mission, Wichita
Host: Kristy & Nolan

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

9 months.....

9 months....that is how long Rio has been in rescue. Now, her foster mom will probably be mad I am posting this because she absolutely adores her and probably never wants her to leave, but we need to find this special girl a home!

Rio and with her two sisters were saved from a puppymill. These poor girls had no socialization and were terrified beyond words. It's been a long road, and shy dogs like these will certainly take a while to warm up to a new family, but they have shown they are survivors! Rio's two sisters have gone on to be adopted and their adopting families love them! Rio needs the same!

Are you her forever family?