Friday, December 30, 2011

Maximus and Paylar pass Canine Good Citizen Test!!

Maximus and Paylar are older gentleman who are incredibly bonded to one another. They do admit to a few medical issues but we hope an adopting family will see past that and recognize what wonderful boys they are. They are wonderfully behaved and very loving. And now, thank to their incredible foster Mom Shannon, can brag that they have passed the Canine Good Citizen Test!!

And to top it all off, they are so loved here at BDHPI that their adoption fee has already been donated and will be applied to whomever the lucky family that decides to give these sweet boys a home.

Please read this touching article written on the boys by the Longmont Paper.

Kudos to Shannon who never gives up on any of her fosters...even two oldies but goodies! BDHPI is lucky to have you as one of our foster homes!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did you vote for Mugsy today?

Did you vote for Mugsy today?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will you vote for Mugsy and BDHPI?

Dear Friends,

Will you take 2 minutes and vote for this adopting family and their beloved Mugsy, a 9.5 yr old Fila they adopted from us? Mugsy's owner had died, leaving this old man behind. This family came to BDHPI to adopt a young dog but once they heard this story, they knew he was meant for them even tho he is an old man! The link is below.

Here is his note:

I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how Mugsy is doing. Its been almost a month now and he has settled in 100%. He is doing great and we could not have imagined how wonderful he would be. He is the sweetest most gentile and caring dog we have ever met. I came across a business on facebook last year and I've been following them ever since only because they always have neat stories and pictures. A few days ago they announced a contest called "Rescue who rescued me". It is judged on a picture and a story of a dog that you have gotten from a rescue. Once the entry deadline was closed, it is open for voting from Dec 19 through Jan 20th. The winner gets to donate 10,000 meals to the rescue they chose. I entered our story and a pic of Kathy and Mugsy and even though its only been open for voting for one day, we are leading the vote count ! I didn't expect anything to come of this and did it only to participate in a fun contest. Here is the link to the contest and I thought you could pass it along to others in your organization and maybe even to others that have rescued from you. Either way we just wanted to thank you again for putting together a great organization that has been great for us and great for our big old guy Mr. Mugs.
Ryan & Kathy

Monday, December 12, 2011

Broccoli helps her new family through loss

Broccoli was adopted back on 11/6/11 with Janet and her father who lived with her. Just a few short days after his adoption, Janet's father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. Broccoli was a tremendous support to her while she has been coping with the loss of her dad and their family asked for donations to BDHPI in liew of flowers or any gifts at the funeral. This weekend, they showed up at one of our events in Nebraska and presented our local volunteers with a check for $400. We are overwhelmed with their generosity and so happy that Broccoli is showing them what a gentle giant is all about and assisting with the healing process!

Here is a note from Janet:

We had such a great time and look forward to coming to more events and getting involved. My Dad would be so pleased that the money will be used to help one of the gentle giants have a better life. He so loved Brocolli and the mission of your rescue. Thank you so much for all your help in making this wonderful gift happen!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Home for the Holidays

It is always interesting to us here at BDHPI how owner surrender dramatically increase during the holiday season. We cant even begin to understand when the sentence starts with "How soon can you take our Mastiff? We are having family in town for Christmas!"

While we all agree that family probably doesn't deserve their wonderful Mastiff, it puts BDHPI in a bind. We have a long wait list as it, and it is almost unbearable during the Holidays. Sadly, we have to turn away dogs.

The way to help us with this problem is to adopt! Don't put it off until the Holidays are over. I personally know Danes and Mastiffs are great at supervising the opening presents on Christmas morning, and if you ask Lisa Cecchini our Chief Admin Officer she will tell you little Pyr mixes are great at it too (they will even take them into the yard for you!)

Won't you bring home a gentle giant for the holidays?

Better yet, won't you consider becoming a Member of our Golden Rewards Program and adopt a Senior?

How about Pierre, who has been in rescue since December 2010 (that's a year, folks!)

Or Kobi, who has been here since February '11?

Or how about Paylar and Maximum, whose adoption fee has already been graciously donated and will be applied to their adoption?

Please consider bringing one of these great dogs Home for the Holidays!


Golden Rewards Program

All of our adoptable grey muzzled gentle giants who are at least 7 years young are available for adoption for a reduced $250 donation!

Already a Golden Rewards Club member? If you've adopted a senior gentle giant from Big Dogs Huge Paws in the past, we have great news for you! Adopt a second senior for a Golden Rewards Club adoption donation of $200, and if it's your third senior dog adoption we are offering a special Golden Rewards Club reduced donation of only $150! Why wait?

Whisker Wonderland- Come see us in Boulder, CO tomorrow!

The Only Natural Pet Store in Boulder will be hosting a fantastic event on December 10 from 12-4pm! Please come out and join us!

Holiday Pet Photography ($20.00 per session)

Free Ask-The-Vet Cat Sessions

Free Ask-The-Vet Dog Sessions

Only Natural Pet Store
2100 28th Street #1C
Boulder, CO 80301

Monday, December 5, 2011

Heroes Dance Performance

Brenda O’Brien of Starstruck Academy of Dance in Englewood, CO had a donation drive for BDHPI on Sunday, December 3rd. She choreographed a performance for the holidays about "Heroes" with the intention of inspiring her dancers and their families to do what they can for others. As part of her show, she lead a drive to collect things like leashes, collars, blankets, stuffed animals, heavy duty dog toys and other such items that our rescue might need to help out the foster families. Brenda invited a representative of the rescue to attend as well.

Darlene and I were treated to an amazingly beautiful performance. All age groups participated and did a tremendous job. The choreography was stunning and the dancers nothing short of spectacular.

The dancers and their families made us lovely cards to thank us for the rescue work we do every day. Their photos and notes were very touching. We were astonished to see the stack of items donated for our foster dogs. We filled my Subaru from the front seat all the way to the back!

Items donated include:
1 Raised Feeder
3 XL Dog Beds
2 Lg Dog Beds
2 Dog Blankets
2 Dog Coats
1 Lg Wire Crate and Pad
26 Boxes/Bags of Treats
156 Cans of Dog Food
18 Kong Toys
15 Dog Toys
9 Bully Sticks
6 Leashes
15 Collars

We also received $260 of donations. Huge thanks go to Matt and Brenda O’Brien and all of the dancers and their families at Starstruck Academy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 BDHPI Video

Here is the link to our 2011 BDHPI Video:

Happy Viewing!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shop Small Business Saturday- Furry Baby Fashions

Our all time favorite collar marker needs our support and to help you out, use the code "holiday 2011" for 35% off all items. Be sure to hit the "redeem coupon" button!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Order your Pet Stockings NOW!!


Only twenty (20) of these stockings are available so if you want one, don't wait -- order today!! You can choose Red or Green and the personalized "NAME" can be Red, Green or White! Please see the pictures below. These one of a kind creations are custom personalized!

The stockings come in Green or Red and are 19 inch felt with screen printed paw prints. They are only $12/each + $5 shipping for 1-3 ($8 for 4-6).

1. Go to
2. Donate the total for your order ($12/each + $5 shipping for 1-3; $8 for 4-6)
3. Include a note that your donation is for the CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS. Be sure to note the color(s) of the stocking and the color of the "NAME" that you would like. Names can be up to 7 letters long. INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS!
4. Forward your receipt and your shipping address to

Colors may very slightly as each one is created individually. Please email for international shipping rates.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hale Pet Door & BDHPI

Tis the Season of Giving at Hale Pet Door:Rescue Rewards Donations Doubled thru Jan. 3

Santa Paws is paying a visit to Hale Pet Door and has a special gift for rescues and shelters all over the country. Through our Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards program, customers who have ever adopted a pet will continue to receive a discount of 10 percent off the retail cost of the pet door. They just need to let us know that they adopted a pet when ordering over the phone or on our online order form.

For any doors purchased before January 3, 2012, Hale Pet Door will DOUBLE our normal donation to your rescue group or shelter. Instead of our normal process of matching the 10 percent discount and making a donation for that same amount, we’ll make a donation in the amount of 20 percent of the retail cost of the pet door!

Our Rescue Rewards program is a priority to all of us at Hale Pet Door. It is our way as a company to help homeless pets, and to support the good folks at rescues and shelters.

Go to for more!

Both Bree & Lindsay have these doors in their home and they are a great investment! Bree lives in an older ranch house and their heating bill significantly went down once this premium door was installed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

BDHPI Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Party

As the holidays approach we are always reminded of what an amazing team of volunteers we have here at BDHPI! YOU are the reason why we are able to help hundreds of Gentle Giants each year and we just want to thank you for all you do! We would like to cordially invite you all to join us to celebrate another successful year in 2011 for a Holiday Party on:

Saturday December 3, 2011 from 5:00pm to 9:30pm

In appreciation for the dedication and hard work our volunteers do all year long to support our cause here at BDHPI, the Officers have rented out a special room to host this year's volunteer holiday party at:

The Denver Zoo - 2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205

Located in Denver's City Park, the Zoo's main entrance is on 23rd Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and York Street.

We booked the party on one of the few "private nights" at the zoo which means we will not be fighting the crowds like we did last year!

We will have a delicious multi-course catered meal and an all you can drink bar for $38.50 per person.

The zoo hosts a wonderful holiday attraction called "Zoo Lights" and you will also be able to walk around and see their beautiful display before or after dinner!

In our usual fashion, awards will be given to recognize some of our volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We will also have a special slide show and presentation to summarize all we have accomplished in 2011 together as a team! We hope you will join us for this special night in your honor!

Please RSVP by November 26th (we need enough time to mail you your ticket to present at the entrance) with the number of guests attending to: and mail your check made out to "Big Dogs Huge Paws" to:

Bree Dew
3400 S. Grape Street
Denver, CO 80222

You can also pay via Paypal through our website at: (make sure to put the names of all guests attending and "Holiday Party" in the Comments so we know what it is for).

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Best wishes,
BDHPI Officers
Lindsay, Bree, Kristie, Lisa, & Rand

Monday, November 7, 2011

RIP Morgan

On Friday we lost the most amazing, beautiful soul we have ever known. Morgan fought a long, hard battle but ultimately Lymphoma took her far too soon. Morgan has been through so much in the short time we've had her; at the end of May she had acl surgery and two weeks later we found out she had Lymphoma. We couldn't bear the thought of losing her so soon and she started chemo immediately. Through all the treatments she still had such an amazing personality and spirit even though we knew she wasn't feeling her best.

Morgan has made such an amazing impact on us and taught us a way to love that we never knew possible. She was a great ambassador for big dogs, she loved everyone and was so sweet to anyone she met. We were told less than two weeks ago that the cancer had become extremely aggressive, and although the last two weeks have been the hardest time of my life I am incredibly thankful for the times we had with her; her nibbling that destroyed comforters and pillows, how she would scoot across the yard on her back to grab a stick or to come to you for a belly rub, and even how on a walk if she was done walking, we were done until she was ready so we'd just sit in front of someones house, even if it was the house next door, until she was feeling up to walking again. I am so incredibly thankful that Morgan's vet saw how special she was and came to our home to help her pass to avoid her having to go through anymore stress, we were together as a family in the bed we created on the floor where we have slept for the last week.

Because of the love of Morgan and the impact she's made, we are in the process of starting a non-profit organization that assists families in our area with medical bills for their pets; I could never imagine someone having their dog diagnosed with Lymphoma, having a broken leg, or being sick and them not having the option to do all that is possible. And although we were only able to spend a little over one year with her, which was not nearly long enough, we are thankful for BDHP, for all you do, and most of all for helping Morgan so she could find us.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pizza for BDHPI

Who doesn't love Pizza? Who doesn't love to eat pizza that benefits BDHPI?

November 9th, 11am-8pn

Slices Pizza
7155 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO

What: Slices will be donating 25% of the days proceeds to BDHPI!

Dine In, Takeout or Drive Thru

Friday, October 7, 2011

Neshobe is home! Yes, finally home!

We are all wondering if Neshobe's lastest jaunt in the woods for 20 days was all a ploy to make Marissa realize how much she needed this boy to be a part of her life permanently!

Well, it worked, and he is now officially part of her family. She joines Ava and Chloe the Goldens and will be adored the rest of his life!

Congrats to Marissa and Shobe!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorado BDHPI Garage Sale

Inspired by the GREAT Success of our KS Volunteers, Colorado BDHPI will be having a HUGE garage sale!

When:Sunday October 23rd from 11am-5pm!!!
Where: 3545 S Harlan Street, Denver CO 80235. On the Hampden Frontage Road, just off Sheridan.

We greatly need contributions and donations in order to make this event a success! Please email Jenn @ if you have items you no longer need! We can arrange pick up and storage until the garage sale!

If you have a foster dog that you would like to bring or if you would like to volunteer with the sale~ WE NEED YOU TOO! Please email:!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Limited Edition! Halloween Themed Drool Towels

Only twenty (20) of these drool cloths are available in each color so if you want one, don't wait -- order today!! You can choose from three wonderful designs: Skeleton Dog, Candy Dog and Batty Dog. Please see the pictures below of each. Each design comes on either light green or a bright orange for Halloween! These one of a kind creations are custom made!

The towels come in light green or orange and are 16x16 inch SUPER SOFT microfiber cloths. They are only $12/each + $5 shipping for 1-3 ($8 for 4-6).


1. Go to

2. Donate the total for your order ($12/each + $5 shipping for 1-3; $8 for 4-6)

3. Include a note that your donation is for the HALLOWEEN Drool Cloths. Be sure to note the color(s) and design(s) that you would like. INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS!

4. Forward your receipt and your shipping address to

Colors may very slightly as each one is created individually. Please email for international shipping rates.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Multi State BDHPI Events This Weeend!!!!

Come see us in..

WoofStock- Saturday October 1 9:30 to 3:30
Sedgwick County Park
6501 W 21st Street
Wichita, Kansas

The Bookworm, 11-1pm
8702 Pacific Street
Omaha, NE 68114-5290

PetSense, 11-4
5050 Factory Shops Blvd # 885
Castle Rock , CO 80108

Our Foster Dogs are excited to meet you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Join our Volunteer Application Committee

We have so many people wanting to become Volunteers (YEAH!) that we can't quite keep up!

We need your help! The time commitment would be 1 hour every 1-2 weeks! Simple!

We need:

1. Volunteer Only App- After going thru training, you will call new Volunteers, welcome them and talk to them about BDHPI. Simple as pie!

2. Foster App- After going thru training, you will call the applicant to discuss with them the BDHPI foster program. You will evaluate the family and see if they are a good match for BDHPI!

If interested, PLEASE email As long as you have a computer and phone, you can do this job!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Beatrix Update

BDHPI NE Volunteers will not rest until the $1000 is rased for Beatrix's eye surgery!

Along with $80 worth of donations in a few days of the Tastefully Simple fundraiser, we receieved a very generous and unexpected $200 donation at the Nebraska Dog N Jog event this week! Put that together with other donations from the weekend events, NE Volunteers have raised over $500 for sweet Beatrix!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beatrix & Tastefully Simple meet to raise $$ for a needed eye surgery!

Meet Beatrix:

Beatrix had a bumpy start to life but is in a great foster family now. She recently had her back leg amputated; it hasn't slowed her down one little bit. Beatrix is now in need of eye surgery or she will go blind.

Big Dogs Huge Paws has partnered with a Representative of Tastefully Simple to raise money for Beatrix's eye surgery. This is a great fundraiser for all involved...Beatrix gets her needed surgery and you get the delicious food of Tastefully Simple. This blogger highly, highly, highlly suggests the Beer Bread and the different Soups (Potato, yum!) for easy winter dinners!

If you would like to order Tastefully Simple and support this cause, please go to

1. Do all of your shopping first and then proceed to the checkout. Select "Find Host/Event". Search by :

First Name: Big

Last Name: Dogs.

Select "Big Dogs" as your party host.

Please make sure to select Big Dogs as your party host so Big Dogs Huge Paws gets credit for your purchase.

Whiskey River T-Shirts to benefit BDHPI!

In Loving Memory of Eleanor Orr, the wonderful desinger for the Chippendogs~ Your love of dogs will continue and you will be greatly missed…

Big Dogs Huge Paws Proudly Presents:

Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band “UNLEASHED”
And Introducing
The Chippendogs All-Stud Revue!

Can you take the heat?

Design/Style: Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giant Band “UNLEASHED” design or Chippendogs design- full color on back, with the BDHP logo on the front; printed on a white short sleeve t-shirt or grey hoodie sweatshirt.

Colors, sizes and pricing:

WHITE T-shirts: Adult sizes S - XL: $20/each, size 2XL - 5XL: $22/each,
GREY Hoodie Sweatshirt: Adult sizes S-XL, $30/each, sizes 2XL - 5XL: $32/each

How to order your Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band “UNLEASHED” or Chippendogs All-Stud Revue T-shirt(s):

1) Decide how many of which design(s), size(s) and whether you want T-shirts or Hoodies (or both).

2) Pick up or delivery? Will you arrange to pick up your shirt(s) in Aurora, CO or will you need them shipped to you?

Shipping options (*Shipping is based on total quantity ordered to be sent to one shipping address):

Shipping for 1-2 T-shirt(s) = $5.
Shipping for 2-5 T-shirts or 1-2 Hoodies= $8.
Shipping for 6 or more T-shirts or 3 or more Hoodies = $15
T-Shirts and Hoodies will ship separately~ Please pay for shipping separately.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

3) Determine your total. T-shirt (or Hoodie) x quantity + shipping (please remember T-shirts and Hoodies ship separately and need shipping to be paid for 1 or both shipments), and then donate online through **

** NOTE: There is a space on the page following where you enter the total amount and then payment info that says, "To complete your payment, review the details below and click Donate.” Below that, there’s a place where you can “Add special instructions to the seller." PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ORDER INFO IN THIS SPACE! Please note the design, size and quantity of t-shirts (or hoodies) you're ordering, as well as, "pick up in Aurora, CO (no shipping)" or "ship to my address~ include YOUR address."

4) IMPORTANT!! To ensure your donation will be applied towards your order, please forward your payment receipt email to so that we can get the orders to you as soon as possible! ** NOTE: If you don’t get a detailed payment receipt, please email your generic payment confirmation with your order info included (see above).

*** To Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band: YOU MAKE OUR WORLD GO ROUND***

Become a fan of Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band on facebook to learn about the band, their music, their goals and why - and how - they support rescue. All proceeds from the Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band “UNLEASHED” and The Chippendogs All-Stud Revue t-shirts and hoodies will be donated to Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kansas Garage Sale

A HUGE thanks to our incredible KS volunteers who raised over $2100 at their garage sale last weekend. We are all amazed how they continue to do this year over year!

That money is a life saver for us and we are so thankful for their efforts!


Thanks to the Pauleys for hosting!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates on BDHPI Alums

Cotton & Belle, adopted together, are as happy as two peas in a pod!

Word on the street is that BDHPI Alum Quinn and his brother are searching the website for a new friend as we speak!!!

Here is Kaelli, formerly known as KC, celebrating her birthday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BDHPI Garage Sale! Wichita, KS

Hey KS Peeps!

The 2nd annual KS BDHPI garage sale starts tomorrow!

Please help spread the good word! Last year this was a GREAT fundraiser for us!

The address is 830 N Mission, Wichita KS

Happy Shopping

For this face.....

For this sweet face of Neshobe, on his way home after 20 days of being lost in the woods, you all truely stepped up and impressed the heck out of the Officers at BDHPI.

People came from all over. Some of you know Neshobe, some of you did not. Some hiked for hours, some for days, some for weeks now. Some spent the night, some rose at dusk to drive the hour from Denver to get there, some saw bears, some saw mountain lions and one even fought off a pack of aggressive Mastiffs (ironic, huh?)

Weight has been lost, shoes have been worn down, tears have been shed, prayers have been sent up & sleep has been lost.

But because of this sweet old face, you all did it! And, I am willing to bet you would all do it again.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done, no effort was too small.

We are so proud to be working with you all!

Your Officers,

Lindsay, Bree, Lisa & Kristie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Neshobe Update, 9.11

Marissa, Neshobe's foster Mom had ended her search last night and headed back to the house where he was lost from to gather her things. Once there, she turned to to look out a window and saw Shobe staring back at her! HE HAD FOLLOWED HER BACK!

As Marissa opened the door, Shobe spooked and ran off.

We are beyond thrilled that he followed his Mom and now it is just playing the patience game (not that we haven't been already!)

We are asking all searching for Shobe to stop. We are hopeful he will feel more comfortable without the commotion of strangers.

We are so incredibly thankful for all of the people who came to help! I heard of a couple who drove down from Cheyenne, WY to help! AMAZING!

With each coming day he shows more and more interest in being "found". Let's pray he will safe and sound by Monday!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Neshobe Update, 9.9

Neshobe has been seen twice today! First by a woman driving to work. She said he would pop into the middle of the road, approach her car, but run away when she would exit the car! We are encouraged that he is showing interest.

The last sight was within the last hour (It is 7pm MST now!). Marissa, foster mom extraordinaire, is now in hot pursuit! I just spoke with Trenny who is going to finish feeding her children and than head back up with her hounds.

We are all amazed that this senior boy has escaped the bears and mountain lions that he is sharing his space with! He is one tough boy!

Let's home the morning brings good news!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Come meet our foster dogs on this Saturday! Littleton, CO

Woofs N Hoofs Saturday September 10th from 11-4 Summer Bash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join BDHPI for this summer bash!! There will be over 50 booths offering HUGE savings on major brands of pet supplies!

Live music, adoptions, Free ask a vet, nail trims and more!!!

Where: 12482 Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton , CO (In Safeway Center)

Please contact Jenn if you are interested in volunteering and bringing your foster out!! or 303-241-4433

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


BDHPI Totes are here! The cost ranges from $17-$20. All proceeds will go to our foster dogs. Many thanks to one of our Medical Coordinators, Judy Mead, for all the time she has put into this project.

To order, please email:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RIP Sadie The Saint

From Sandy, Jason and Larry, Sadie's Foster Family

We had the great misfortune to lose our sweet friend and foster companion, Sadie the St. Bernard, quite suddenly to bloat last week. Sadie came to us in June from a shelter in South Dakota, where she was picked up as a stray (which completely boggles our could someone not be missing this sweet girl?) She was an elegant supermodel of a dog, a tall, tricolor flat-coated St. Bernard beauty with the sweetest, happy-go-lucky disposition I think we've ever met. She loved to engage in active conversations with me (Sandy), and was my constant companion since I'm at home a lot. She loved to prance around, and she and her foster brother Diesel were madly in love with each other, and shared lots of squirrel chasing in our back yard. Our son Larry was also very close with her...he loved to play with her and take her for walks. Needless to say, her loss has brought us all great sadness.

When we took her out in public, everyone (and I mean everyone) gravitated toward her...she was remarkably beautiful, and so friendly and approachable! Even at the Deer Creek Animal Hospital, they remarked on how lovable she was. Sadie came to us with a pretty bad case of entropion in both eyes, and crazy amounts of eye mucus. Dr. Cox and I worked together on bilateral entropion surgery, and then with eye drops to get this issue under control, and she was doing so much better! Gives new meaning to the term "doggone it"! Such an incredible tragedy that this girl left us at such a young, vital age, but we feel so lucky that we got to be her forever family for her last few months. We loved her deeply, and feel comforted knowing that she felt loved in her last days and last hours.

Monday, September 5, 2011

9/5, Neshobe Update

Hello All~ We are still in search of Neshobe, it is a round the clock effort. We are very confident he is still alive. We need this point we are asking to NOT bring your dogs up...we feel like he is getting spooked...if he is not found today, we will be organizing a large search party for later this week.

Please email me @ or call 303-241-4433 to let me know if you can help out...I will be passing along this info to Marissa. We will keep you updated and thank you to ALL of those who are helping in the search efforts.

Time is of the essence at this point, he is a pain medicated dog and desperately needs our help!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Neshobe Update- Sunday, Sept 4th

Neshobe has not been found but he is still alive and in the area. There we no signs of Neshobe during the daytime hours yesterday – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!!! Here is a picture of Lucky, one of Trenny's search and rescue dogs taking a break!

Last NIGHT the search dog team indicated hard on the ORANGE area on the attached revised map again. They were circling in that area and saw TONS of Neshobe prints additionally they heard him alert barking for several minutes. They passed the PURPLE Dot on the map - a few minutes later they doubled-back and there was a FRESH Neshobe poop! This is the same location where we found his urine the night before, so it seems he is eliminating in the same spot…we’ve placed his dog bed there in hopes that the familiar scent will draw him in and keep him in this location. It seems like Neshobe is following the night search team and watching them, but he is not showing himself. He is very elusive. So when you are out there please keep your eyes peeled at all times, Neshobe may be watching you JThe search dog team last night heard him but could not see him. In fear of scaring him off further, while he was trying to come up and bed down, they decided to leave the location to allow him to settle in for the night.

Seems he is traveling up and down Pactolous Lake Rd moving back and forth from the United Power Building (when you first turn off of highway 72 onto South Beaver). He is traveling on the road and in the space between the road and the river. This river is blocked with some fencing and barb wire in places – there is a private fly fishing club there (huge building going up) The river is patrolled 24x7 by guards and they know about Neshobe and are looking for him too.

AGAIN - It is also highly likely he is traveling up and down Pactolus Lake Road– if you like you can simply drive/walk up and down slowly looking for him OR just park and watch - we have to see him at some point. We also need someone to stand near the stop sign (when you first turn off of highway 72) to talk with people and hand out flyers. There will be tons of visitors in that area today and tomorrow and want to make sure they know about Neshobe.

In an effort to not scare Neshobe further, it is imperative that anyone searching for Neshobe have calm energy.


Please call me if you need anything

Marissa 303-885-0845
Kristine 571-245-8597

Saturday, September 3, 2011

9.3 Neshobe Update

9/2 Update – Thank you to all the dogs and their humans who searched today

We did not find Neshobe today, but we found very fresh pee and fresh tracks and heard him bark...Marissa was positive. We also think we know where he has been sleeping, although he did not go there tonight. Marissa and I are still up here and are going to search at sunrise with Ava and Asher. We covered lots of territory, however we did not hear any barking. His foot prints are scattered throughout the area.

WE NEED LOTS OF HELP SATURDAY! Please come up and help. He is within a mile of us.

You can check in at Kristine's and then come find us down on Pactolus Rd. and south beaver creek Rd junction. Team – we truly need your help to bring Neshobe home. We need as many volunteers as possible searching around the clock through the holiday weekend, time is of the essence. We are planning to have a fairly large search party scheduled for Saturday night into Sunday morning – please join us! If you can help ANY TIME this weekend, even if it is for an hour or so please let me know.

We believe he is sunning himself and snoozing during much of the daytime hours, so the best time to see or hear him is in the evening and/or early morning between (5am – 7am). However we still need eyes and ears out during the day as well (he was heard barking mid-day earlier in the week).

He is still alive and still here. Please come help bring him home. You and your dogs safety is key. · Please bring food, water, flashlights/headlamps, layers of clothing, a leash (in case you find our mystery man) and some hot dogs or cheese. ·

Please leave a note on your car or at the house and/or call/text/email Marissa or Kristine if you come in/out of the area.· Remember there is only AT&T cell service up there and spotty Verizon coverage. Two way radios, whistles and car horns are great tools as well
Please contact either of us if you are able to help join the search party today or the rest of the weekend until he is found and returned safely back home!!!


Marissa 303-885-0845
Kristine 571-245-8597

We are continuing to remain hopeful and optimistic – he is still out there! Please help us get this sweet old man home. Again THANK YOU ALL for all your work, prayers and positive thoughts – please keep them coming!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Neshobe is Missing!

Neshobe the Senior Great Dane has been missing since August 25th! Ccan you help by joining our search party?

Signs have been posted. Police have been notified as well as all the neighbors. We put out an amber missing pet alert to about 500 locals. He is posted as missing on Petfinder, Pet Harbor and a couple other sites. There are campers up there and they know he is missing and are looking for him.

Team – we truly need your help to bring Neshobe home. We need as many volunteers as possible searching around the clock through the holiday weekend, time is of the essence. We are planning to have a fairly large search party scheduled for Saturday night into Sunday morning – please join us! If you can help ANY TIME this weekend, even if it is for an hour or so please let me know. We believe he is sunning himself and snoozing during much of the daytime hours, so the best time to see or hear him is in the evening and/or early morning between (5am – 7am). However we still need eyes and ears out during the day as well (he was heard barking mid-day earlier in the week).

About the area he is in:

Home Address: 124 Blue Flag Lane, Blackhawk, CO (closer to Pinecliffe than Blackhawk)

Directions are fairly easy. Map attached.
Get to Coal Creek Canyon (72) and go up past Wonder Vu and down again -

You go through Pinecliffe over RR tracks. At about the 15 mile mark (from when you turn onto 72 from 93) you will turn LEFT onto S Beaver Creek Rd.

Go over the RR tracks again and take the SECOND LEFT onto Emory (sign kind of hidden) just past a group of mailboxed.

Go straight up Emory and at the top turn left onto Blue Flag to get to Kristines house (second house on left)
OR keep going straight for about 1/4 of a mile and turn left at the big dirt pile drive in about 1/4 mile (this is the area where Neshobe was last seen).

If you have AT&T your cell will work up there but if not, it won't. It is a rather remote area with homes every 1-2 miles. 4 wheel drive recommended. There are some creeks up there and puddles of rain water. Neshobe seems to frequent the roads during the day and hunker down at night.

You and your dogs safety is key. · Please bring food, water, flashlights/headlamps, layers of clothing, a leash (in case you find our mystery man) and some hot dogs or cheese. · Please leave a note on your car or at the house and/or call/text/email Marissa or Kristine if you come in/out of the area.· Remember there is only AT&T cell service up there and spotty Verizon coverage. Two way radios, whistles and car horns are great tools as well.

Contact info:

Kristin: 571-245-8597.
Marissa: 303-885-0845.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NE Weenie Roast! Event Update

Congrats to our awesome NE volunteers who had a "Weenie Roast" this past weekend outside a local Omaha grocery store, Russ' Market.

Thanks to the following Volunteers helping out!

Merry Burne
Kris and John (Master Grillers) and their gorgeous Newfies
Mary P
Andrea and Joslyn
Bob and Amanda

The next NE event is scheduled for Sunday, September 18 from Noon - 5:00 pm. BDHP will be appearing live at the Road Gems Last Fling till Spring Car/Craft Show in West Point, NE. Admission is free and includes the following: Live entertainment, crafts, food, drink, tailgate parties and a poker run cruise. The event covers 10 blocks of the downtown streets of West Point, NE. We will be selling our homemade dog tugs and dog treats. Attendance is huge at this event -- 10,000 - 15,000 people participate every year.

See you there!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dogs and Storks

From Bree Dew, BDHPI VP/COO:

In less than 8 weeks, my husband and I will be welcoming our very first 2 legged baby into our home. I had the revelation last week that I am the first of us Officers to have a baby and while we in "theory" know how to counsel our adopting families, I am really the first one of us to live it! I am also finding lots to worry about and aside from the pain of labor, I am most worried about the dogs.

Will the baby have allegories? Than what?

Will the dogs welcome the baby?

Will they feel abandoned?

Do I keep them out of the baby's room? Or do I let them come in?

How many arguments are on the horizon with extended family about me letting my dogs smell/lick/nudge the baby?

I've heard what you all have...bring home the baby's hat or blanket from the hospital to let them smell it. I started thinking a few weeks ago about what the real point of it is? What's the difference between letting the dogs smell the hat the day before I come home or the day I come home? I've asked a few behaviorists who say it's not a bad idea, but don't really have a concrete answer as to why.

In my conversation with my favorite behaviorists, I've asked their opinions and have been given these two great websites: ( love their blog link!!!)

I am not oblivious to the fact that ALL of our lives are about to change- human and dogs. I am also not oblivious to the fact that my priority will become the baby, but never do I want any of our pups to feel unwanted or unloved. Nor do I ever want to give them the opportunity to "fail" when it comes to Baby Dew!

This weekend I was chatting with Pat Blocker of Peaceful Paws about our brave (not!) Mastiff and she suggested we set up the swing so he can get used to the noise and motion before baby comes- which I thought was a great idea! Knowing Deacon, the swing will be a VERY scary addition of our decor!

Our Mastiff has already helped himself to a few soft and sweet plush baby toys he has found in the nursery and now we go out of our way to be sure the door is shut. I had to laugh out loud today when I heard banging and turned to see him head butting the door to open it. Apparently he is not done shopping yet!

I would encouage everyone to check out these links while preparing for Baby. Setting up your dog for success is #1!

2011 5k Fun Run


We raised over $5300-more than $1000 than last year! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

A special thank to our Sponsors & Vendors:

Furry Baby Fashions *Bronze Sponsor
High Country Pet Supply *Bronze Sponsor & Vendor
Peaceful Paws *Vendor
Big Dog Insurance *Bronze Sponsor
Big Mamma's Pet Stuff *Vendor
Pure Puppy *Vendor
Gentle Vet, PC (Chiropractic & Accupuncture) *Silver Sponsor & Vendor
Wag N' Wash Healthy Pet Center *Bronze Sponsor & Vendor *Bronze Sponsor
Camp Bow Wow Castle Rock *Bronze Sponsor
The K9 Body Shop *Silver Sponsor & Vendor
CHuck and Dons *Silver Sponsor & Vendor
My Handy Husband *Bronze Sponsor
Precise Pet Products *Vendor
Endura Pet *Vendor

We cannot thank our very own BDHPI Volunteers who showed up at 6am to load in and worked hard all morning to make sure things went perfectly! Also, to our wonderful Liz Dalzell who put her DJ skills to perfect use!

And lastly, to those of you who came out to run, walk and shop...we would be lost without you and so appreciate your support! Also, to those of you who chose to "Snooze with the Big Dogs", your t-shirts will be mailed out shortly!

If you would like to order a race day t-shirt, please email Cost is $15.

See ya next year!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 days left

Only 2 days until the 3rd annual BDHPI 5k Fun Run at Clement Park in Littleon, CO

We encourage you to register before hand, but you can register the day of!

Cost is $25 for a single, $50 for a family. Cost includes t-shirt and a GREAT goodie bag!

To register, go to and click on "donate".

If you can't come, you can SNOOZE FOR THE BIG DOGS from the comforts of your own bed! Donate $25 and we will send you a race day t-shirt.

Come walk, shop, eat and visit with dogs who are looking for their forever homes!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Update on Samson- Adopted in 12/10

I really want to thank Samson's original family for loving him enough to find a rescue site for him when they knew he wouldn't work out in their home. They could have just let him live in the back yard or given him to the animal shelter, but they didn't. They brought him to you and you brought him to me. (Truth is, I think that he was supposed to be with me at the end of his life, but that's my hippie way of looking at the world.)

He was clearly loved at his previous home and he is such a joy. He's affectionate, confident, well behaved, eager to please, independent and sweet - he's really such an amazing balance. Everyone - I mean everyone - that meets him LOVES him. I go to the coffee house and I end up trading phone numbers with couples who want "play dates" with Sam and their dogs. He has a nick-name at the dog park ("the Sheriff", because he does not stand for fighting when he is there - he'll break it up - not kidding)! He is so well-balanced that when I go to New York for a few days and leave him with friends he is playing with their kids, he is jumping around, eating, sleeping, happy... but when I come through the door he can't get close enough to me and ends up knocking me over with his big adorable snuggle. Fifteen minutes later he is lying on the floor totally chilled.

I'm not sure how I could love him more. I just want them to know that he's well and he's happy. I think he'd be more happy with kids and other dogs around, but I do as much as I can to keep him socialized. He goes to work with me every day where there are 2 other dogs that he plays with, he goes to the dog park a few times a week, he gets walked 3 times a day and he goes to the coffee house with me to meet peeps and just get out of the house. He and I play tag and chase and he gets lots of belly rubs.

I just wanted to share that, because the more his fantastic personality comes out, the more I think they must miss him soooo much, and I want them to know they did the right thing and even though I'm sure he would have rather stay with them, he's happy and loved.

Thanks again for bringing me the best dog EVER!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How we found our homes...

This girl found her home... And this boy found his home....

And this special needs puppy found his home..

and over 400 others found their homes over the last year due in large part to the annual success of our BDHPI 5k Fun Run! This is by far our biggest fundraiser of the year and we only have 10 days left for you to register (of course you can register the day of, but it would be nice if you could beforehand!)

Saturday August 27th at Clement Park

Registration starts at 7:45, Race time starts at 8:30am

Fees are $25 for a single, $50 for a family....goodie bags and t-shirts included

To register, please go to, click on donate and complete your information!

See you there!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have you????

Registered for the 3rd Annual BDHPI 5k Fun Run? You only have a little over 2 weeks!

You're Invited....

When: Saturday, August 27th
Where: Clement Park in Littleton, CO (same location as the last 3 years)
Time: Registration tent will open at 7:45, Blessing of the Animals at 8:25 and the Race is off at 8:30

Afterwards, please stay to shop, snack and socialize!

Cost: $25 per individual, $50 per Family- cost include t-shirt and goodie bag!

What if you can't come? You can "Snooze for the Big Dogs"...donate $25 and we will send you a race day t-shirt!

To Register: Go to and click on Donate. Be sure to indicate in the "notes" section what your donation is for an t-shirt size!


PS- We are still looking for Sponsors & Vendors! Please email for more information!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zeus the Lion

Lindsay asked if I could give Zeus a ride to a vet appointment this morning and being 7 months pregnant and not knowing if he would jump into our Durango, I dragged my hubby from the warmth of our bed to give me a hand....just incase.

I strolled into The Big Backyard to pick up my guest and literally laughed out loud when they brought him up to me, I was greeted by this Lion!

We strolled out to the car, where he promptly jumped into the car with no assistance (and I did catch the eye roll of my husband who I am sure was thrilled he had gotten up early to watch Zeus effortlessly jump into the car!)

As we drove, he kissed our ears and laid his head on mine. We were 5 minutes into our drive when I declared I loved Zeus and most definitely believed we should foster him....yet another eye roll from Hubby.

When it came time for me to leave him at the vet, Zeus got very nervous and clingy. Which in my world, means even more he should come home with us. I wasn't even done putting back on my seat belt before my husband said the following, " I know where you are heading and before you even start let me say that I think he is a great dog. He is very cute and I love his crazy hair and I think he will make some lucky family VERY happy, BUT that family will not be us!"

So with that in mind, I am turning to you all to find space in your hearts and home for Zeus the Lion and for any of the other adorable dogs we have in rescue! BTW, have you noticed how many Great Pyr's we have right now? They are all waiting for YOU!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Channel 7 Every Day Hero Award!

Our President/CEO, Lindsay Condon, was honored this morning in a surprise ceremony where she was presented with the Denver Channel 7 "Every Day Hero" award!

With giant dogs in tow, we descended upon her work place and the "mandatory" meeting her boss had set up. She was shocked and surprised to say the least!

From there, we headed to a nearby park for interviews to brag about our fearless leader and all the great work she does!!

Air dates are as follows:

Sunday, 8.7 at 10pm
Monday, 8.8 at 5pm
Tuesday, 8.11 at 11am
Saturday, 8.13 at 5pm
Sunday, 8.14 at 7am

Monday, July 18, 2011

3rd Annual "Run with the Big Dogs" 5k Fun Run

You're Invited....

When: Saturday, August 27th
Where: Clement Park in Littleton, CO (same location as the last 3 years)
Time: Registration tent will open at 7:45, Blessing of the Animals at 8:25 and the Race is off at 8:30

Afterwards, please stay to shop, snack and socialize!

Cost: $25 per individual, $50 per Family- cost include t-shirt and goodie bag!

What if you can't come? You can "Snooze for the Big Dogs"...donate $25 and we will send you a race day t-shirt!

To Register: Go to and click on Donate. Be sure to indicate in the "notes" section what your donation is for an t-shirt size!


PS- We are still looking for Sponsors & Vendors! Please email for more information!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Buy treats & benefit BDHPI!

Big Dogs Huge Paws is excited to be part of's "Rescue Rewards" Program - every eight weeks you can order delicious treats and toys for giant breed dogs (and dogs of all sizes!), and there are lots of "rewarding" products to choose from.

Shop Sunday, July 17th - Saturday, July 23rd and your Rescue Rewards items will benefit your canine companion(s) and the the gentle giants of Big Dogs Huge Paws

It's simple: Go to and look at all the wonderful goodies you can order, look for the red "Rescue Rewards" ribbon under the product description and will donate to BDHP for Rescue Rewards item ordered this week!

We've always loved and we are thrilled to be part of this incredible new giveback program, and you'll be thrilled with your quality, hand made dog treats (and more!).

Thank you for supporting Big Dogs Huge Paws!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Come see us on Saturday at DOGMA in Evergreen, CO

Where: Dogma Pet Supply & Dog Wash
29017 Hotel Way
Evergreen, CO

When: Saturday, July 16 · 11:00am - 3:00pm

What: Would you like to meet some of the gentle giants of Big Dogs, Huge Paws, Inc.? We will be in Evergreen at the Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash on Saturday, July 16th from 11am-3pm. We will have some of our adoptable dogs and our great volunteers out to meet potential forever families. If you are interested in adopting, interested in volunteering or just learning more about our Big Dog rescue please stop by our tent. Animal lovers and furry friends of all sizes are welcome in Dogma. Dogma is a great place to go shopping and to get your furry pal smelling sofa-ready, so we would love to see you and your best friend on this Saturday in July!

Questions? Please email BDHP DOGMA event coordinator Adrienne Burdette at adrienneburdette@bigdogshu​ and we hope to see you at DOGMA on Saturday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Lulu the Frenchie

I wanted to write to let you know how Lulu-girl is doing.

She is WONDERFUL!! She has blended right into our family with no problems. She doesn’t seem to mind all the noise and welcomed all my family over on Saturday when they came to see her. There were 8 adults, 2 toddlers and 2 babies and she was great.

She has enjoyed her walks and only pulls really bad when the rabbits taunt her. She is the second mama already – “supervising” all feedings, diaper changes, baths and playtime. The storms last night made her a little nervous, but she just cuddled in even closer which I didn’t think was possible since she likes to lay on you. J She also seemed nervous when we were going to crate her so we just left her out and found her snoring in our bed when we came home. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would let this special girl go. It breaks my heart. I know our Hanky is smiling down from Heaven that we have another true friend in our home to take care of us.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Lulu. I like to think that she found us. J I’ve attached a few pics of her.

Very sincerely,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dawson (adopted in 2008) update

In 2008 The Ballas Family adopted Prince (now known as Dawson). Over the years this great family has stayed in touch with BDHPI and Mom Karena helps BDHPI out by writing all of our Thank You notes!

This week, the Ballas Family is on vacation and Mr Dawson has come to stay BDHPI VP, Bree and her husband Brian. It is so awesome to see such a well adjusted and loved rescue dog years later!

Dawson is about as beautiful as they come and clearly thriving in his forever home!

The attached pictures were taken as he supervises Bree working this morning!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where we are now!

Here are some pictures of BDHPI dogs loving their new lives in their forever homes:

Olive the Neo and her guy:

Remember Frenchie who was in rescue for almost a year? She now spends her evenings relaxing on top of the patio table!

Here is BJ cuddling with his new Dad!

And gorgeous Grendel, adopted by one of our BDHPI Volunteers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saying goodbye to one of our own...

As VP/COO of BDHPI I've sadly said goodbye to many dogs that I've loved over the years, but nothing could have prepared me the loss of my own rescue boy. Two weeks ago, Brian and I said goodbye to our best buddy, Zachey Poo Dew.

Zach came to me in 2006 as a foster, and was only here 3 days before I knew he was here to stay.Zach was mature, calm, kind, sweet and so lazy. What I didn't know was that Zach was pretty sick, and after an initial 2 week battle with a bad case of kennel cough, I realize I had adopted a young, crazy, jumping, bucking bronco Great Dane. My first clue was when I came home to find he had eaten every candle, cookbook and pillow he could find. He even pulled all the blankets and sheets off my bed to make his own in the family room

The next morning, began my new life with my young boy. I had to get up 20 minutes early to wrestle him down the hallway into a crate. To date, in over 175 dogs through my doors, he was the WORST to teach how to walk on a Gentle Leader. He was also the worst jumper- I cannot tell how you many times that first summer he would jump on my back, dragging those talon nails down my back taking my skirt with it! Thank goodness for 6 ft privacy fences!

After 6 months of hard work and patience, Zach turned a corner and became the absolute best dog ever. He attended countless rescue events, was a wonderful foster brother and his love encouraged me to seek higher positions within the rescue to help others find their perfect match.

Zach saw me through a lot as a single girl...he helped mend a few broken hearts, he helped build my home, the loss of a job ,the diagnosis of a sick parent....he was also there to be part of the new family that was created when I met Brian. It took him a month or so to welcome Brian into our home, but in the last years he often chose Brian's chest over mine to lay on when it came time to snuggle. Zachey taught Brian about the love of a rescue dog and is the sole reason Brian accepts my dedication to rescue.

As time went on Zachey developed many medical issues and Brian and I did everything we could to keep him comfortable over the last two years. We were devastated when Dr Rob discovered he had Osteosarcoma. Brian and I made the heartwrenching decisions to say goodbye.

8 days after we lost Zach, we lost my Dad to a fast 8 week battle with Cancer. My young nephews have been struggling to make sense of the loss of my Dad and my 7 yr old nephew Cooper came to me and told me that he thought God needed Zachey so Grandpa would know someone when he got to Heaven. I think he was right!

Zachey was very loved by many BDHPI Volunteers and I know he loved you all so much- especially Auntie Lindsay and Aunt Suz! Brian and I also cannot thank Dr Rob Landry enough for his support of the years. He was on the receiving ends of panic filled calls and always, and I mean always, made time for us! Also to Dr Winton, our very own BDHPI CMO, who cared for him with such love during his latest medical scare in April.

Zach was one in a million and taught me more about rescue than could ever be learned from any human. We will miss Z.P.D the rest of our lives.