Monday, August 22, 2011

Update on Samson- Adopted in 12/10

I really want to thank Samson's original family for loving him enough to find a rescue site for him when they knew he wouldn't work out in their home. They could have just let him live in the back yard or given him to the animal shelter, but they didn't. They brought him to you and you brought him to me. (Truth is, I think that he was supposed to be with me at the end of his life, but that's my hippie way of looking at the world.)

He was clearly loved at his previous home and he is such a joy. He's affectionate, confident, well behaved, eager to please, independent and sweet - he's really such an amazing balance. Everyone - I mean everyone - that meets him LOVES him. I go to the coffee house and I end up trading phone numbers with couples who want "play dates" with Sam and their dogs. He has a nick-name at the dog park ("the Sheriff", because he does not stand for fighting when he is there - he'll break it up - not kidding)! He is so well-balanced that when I go to New York for a few days and leave him with friends he is playing with their kids, he is jumping around, eating, sleeping, happy... but when I come through the door he can't get close enough to me and ends up knocking me over with his big adorable snuggle. Fifteen minutes later he is lying on the floor totally chilled.

I'm not sure how I could love him more. I just want them to know that he's well and he's happy. I think he'd be more happy with kids and other dogs around, but I do as much as I can to keep him socialized. He goes to work with me every day where there are 2 other dogs that he plays with, he goes to the dog park a few times a week, he gets walked 3 times a day and he goes to the coffee house with me to meet peeps and just get out of the house. He and I play tag and chase and he gets lots of belly rubs.

I just wanted to share that, because the more his fantastic personality comes out, the more I think they must miss him soooo much, and I want them to know they did the right thing and even though I'm sure he would have rather stay with them, he's happy and loved.

Thanks again for bringing me the best dog EVER!

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