Sunday, May 31, 2009

500 lbs of Dog!

Dawson, a beautiful black Great Dane, was adopted by the Ballas family in October 2008. His new mom, Karena, has since become a volunteer for BDHPI and we have all enjoyed watching Dawson blossom into the wonderful dog he is!

The Ballas family was brave enough to offer their backyard this moring for a doggie playdate with Jasper Bastyr ( belonging to BDPH Behavior Director) and Deacon Dew (belonging to BDHP Hr Director).

The dogs had a wonderful time tearing around the backyard and drooling all over everyone and everything.
Being able to see a rescue dog loving life is what rescue is all about!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foster Sisters

The Pasteur family has graciously opened their home to not one, but two foster dogs!

Here is a cute picture of Jordan (Great Pyr) and Abbie (English Mastiff) enjoying their afternoon together. Both of these girls are still awaiting their forever families! Is it you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't count her out!

Gracie, our newest resident of the Permanent foster program, wanted to send us all a message: Don't count her and her cancer out quite yet!

The below video is her new favorite activity!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Maggie finds her way home

Maggie, now known as Sonya, has been quite the popular foster dog here at BDHPI. Much to the dismay of many of our applicants, Maggie was spoken for very quickly by a wonderful family in NM. She stayed in rescue for a while as she participated in a strict diet program to lose the necessary weight required for surgery. Maggie lost her weight, had surgery and recovered all the while being loved the entire time by her foster mom who happens to be our very own Chief Medical Office, Dr Rand Winton. Dr Winton was very sad to see her go, but was thrilled when she saw these adorable pictures the Wissman family sent!

From Maggie's new family:

Maggie is now at home sweet home and loving it!; She didn't really seem to notice her name is Maggie, and given that we have four M names here already, we changed her name to Sonya. She gets along so well with the whole family! She adores lots of hugs, kisses, and affection, so she fits right in with the rest of us, and her and Riley seem right at ease with one another too! We love her, and could not be happier with our choice!Thank You so much BIG DOGS HUGE PAWS!,The Wissman Family

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Permanent Foster- Gracie III

Precious Gracie is an adorable, 7 year old, Black, Great Dane who recently escaped her life at a puppy mill and has spent the past 3 months kenneled at a vet clinic. When BDHPI got word about this sweet senior gal in need we immediately stepped up to bring her into rescue! We were told that she had a "swollen foot" but was on antibiotics and it was doing better. Needless to say, when she arrived we were not exactly prepared for the extent of the problem. Her back foot looked like a cartoon foot and her toes were spread out and her leg was swollen all the way up to her knee!

We made a vet appointment for the following day and Gracie saw Dr. Mary at the Pet Wellness Clinic. They took x-rays and cultured her foot and unfortunately the findings were not good. Her bones in that foot are completely lytic and her joints have been eaten away. Essentially, her toes are unatteched in that foot and the tissue has become necrotic. She is affected from her foot up to the knee and beyond her lymph nodes. Her veins and artery are 3 times the normal size. Dr. Mike reviewed the x-rays and they are both in agreement that Gracie has cancer. It is likely a soft tissue type of cancer and has clearly spread, making amputation not an option at this stage.

The next step is doing some bloodwork to see how her liver and kidneys are functioning. We are also hoping we can get her to start eating because she really hasn't had much of an appetite since she arrived. She is now on Rimadyl and Tramadol for pain and we will be evaluating her quality of life to determine how much time she has left. We hope that we can get her comfortable enough that we can make her a permanent foster and spoil her and pamper her for a little while, but we won't let her suffer and we will unfortunately have to consider euthanasia as well. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as we are forced to make some tough decisions over the next couple of days!

Friday, May 22, 2009

BDHP T-shirts and Hoodies

We now have avaialable a very thick and high quality Hoodie and T-Shirt. 100% off all profits go direct to the rescue!

The Hoodie is $40, the T-shirt is $20.

Please email for pictures and to place an order.

Thanks for supporting our cause!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update from Zissou's (formely Boeing) Family

I've included a few pictures of our new sweetheart, formerly Boeing. His new name is Zissou, named after the famous underwater explorer, Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson. He's getting more energetic and playful each day as his "cold" passes and we are very happy to have him with us! Thank you so much for everything!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny moves to Texas

Sunny is home! FINALLY!

Sunny has been in rescue for months and months. We all immediately saw the beauty in Sunny, but knew she needed to lose weight in order to live a healthy life.

She spent a lot of time being fostered with Sonya in Longmont, where she began her underwater treadmill exercise routine. Than, she moved down to Denver where she was graciously accepted by the rehab team at Alameda East.

Over the last few months Sunny has lost a lot of weight and we were all very anxious to find her a forever home. We simply could not understand why she kept being passed over by adopting families. Well, now we know why! She was just waiting for Emily and John of Coppell, TX to come along! Emily had made their new addition an adorable new collar and leash to mark the occasion and start of a new life.
We will all miss Sunny terribly, but nothing ever can replace the love of a forever family!
Congrats to Emily, John and their children! You've found a special girl in our Large Marge!

Ginny is a surrogate Mommy

We have puppies at BDHPI, courtesy of gorgeous Lexi the sweet Great Dane.

Lexi came into a shelter in Wichita, KS as a stray and desperate for a home since it was very obvious that not only was she expecting, but that she would be delivering the pups within days. A new foster family, Kirsten and Tim, decided to open their home to Lexi even though they were already fostering a very scared Mastiff, Ginny.

Prior to Lexi's arrival in their home, Ginny spent most of her timing hiding in their bathroom. As you can see, the puppies have brought out a new side in Ginny. It looks like Lexi has a built in babysitter in Ginny and the pups are going to have two moms to help raise them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Afternoon Siesta

Two peas in a pod....Here is a picture of Fiona and her foster brother enjoying their afternoon Siesta. It's hard to be a Mastiff!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Big Load

Another big load of dogs arrived in Denver tonight, many thanks to Heather Shelsted for driving to Hayes, KS and back to make sure these gentle giants were safe in rescue.

We had:

Angel & Cody- The adorable apricot Mastiffs
Fiona- The scared Mastiff with an adorable underbite
Abbie- The puppymill Mastiff
Faith & Tim- The gorgeous Saints
Doc- The beautiful blue Dane
Misty- The wrinkly Neopolitan Mastiff
Skye- The sweet puppy who was met by her adopting family!!

We had to microchip, draw blood and exam each dog. We had to let each one stretch their legs and get some water. It is controlled chaos to say the least!

Many, many thanks to the following volunteers who came to help with the transport:

The Warrens
The Condons
The Dews
The Zimmerman/Sheker Duo
Dr Winton
Lisa Ward
Stacey & Derrik who drove down from Loveland
Our newest foster home, The Pasteurs

As we drove home tonight I said to my husband, "This rescue is making a huge difference. We just saw 8 dogs that would have been euthanized if we had not taken them!"

Next on our agenda? Finding them all great new homes!