Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dog Paintings

BDHPI has found a great supporter in Amy Morrison, a very talented artist who paints with watercolors. She caught my eye at the "Run with the Big Dogs" 5k, and we asked her to paint our dogs. I've posted the two she did of our giant breeds so you can see her work.

If you are looking for a good Christmas gift, this could be it! My husband and I decided these portraits will be our gifts to one another this year!

Snow Day in Denver, CO!

I am getting lots of emails from our foster families here in CO about how much their fosters are enjoying the snow storm that is visiting us! Lots of frisky Gentle Giants!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gracie Condon

BDHPI lost one of our own today- the sweet, goofy and silly Gracie. Gracie was the rescue Dane of BDHPI President, Lindsay and her husband Colin.

Gracie was a gorgeous girl, and you always knew how she was feeling by the way in which she moved her giant cropped ears. She had a quirky personality and could run like the wind. Gracie did not trust too easily, but once she did, she really let her personality shine. She adored her Dane brother, Duke, and they both loved tormenting poor Hobie, the Malamute. She also had talon nails from which I think I have scars down my back :)

Gracie has been a wonderful ambassador for the breed. She attended almost every public event that we have ever participated in. We can't always say she loved it, but she did it because of how much she loved her mom.

Over the last year Gracie has struggled with many health issues, enduring several major surgeries. Lindsay and Colin spared no expense when it came to their girl, and we were all very sad to see Gracie take a turn for the worse on Saturday. Today, after a consult with several specialists and our own CMO, Dr Winton, the very tough decision was made that there was nothing left that could be done for poor Gracie.

Gracie spent her last afternoon in front of the fireplace, which was one of her favorite spots. The hotter the better, in her opinion. We often joked she was going to melt, but the heat never seemed to bother her as much as it did us humans.

Dr Winton came to their home so Gracie could pass in a place of comfort. Lindsay and Colin held her as we all said goodbye.

Saying goodbye to one of our own is never easy. I know the Dew's can't imagine her not in their lives. Going to the dog park without Gracie will be heartbreaking.
So Gracie Lou, we say goodbye. We all loved you very much. I asked my Sage to meet you on the other side, I am sure she will show you the ropes. What a lucky girl to be adopted by such giving and loving people. You were a wonderful testament to what a rescue dog is all about.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Piper Bastyr-Loken

After 11 months in rescue, two homes, two returns, and 5 foster homes, Piper finally has a new last name and a new family to call her own.

We are the first to admit that Piper can be a bit high maintenance and needy, but along the way we all fell madly in love with her. All of our dogs deserve special homes, but Snipey Pipey has had such a rough go of it, it was hard to not be heartbroken when things never seemed to work out for her.

Two months ago, after losing their Lab, Kari and Dan decided to spring Pipes from City Bark and bring her back to their home to foster, where she had been fostered prior to her 2nd adoption. Kari says that as soon as she saw the look of relief on Piper's face in the lobby of City Park, she had a sneaky suspicision that Piper wasn't ever going anywhere ever again!

Kari, being an Animal Behaviorist, set Piper up for success from Day 1 and has really managed her environment. Piper and her Dane brother, Jasper, now run and play non stop. She has also managed to reintroduce toys into their home which have always been a source of problems with Snipes- she just loves them too much to ever consider sharing!

For those of that love her most- The Condons, Dews, and Silversteins- we thank you Kari and Dan for keeping our girl "in the family". We can all now rest easy!

Smiling on her way home from a 5 mile "Congratulations you're adopted" hike with her new parents.


For the last two years we have joked that our Mastiff must have minute playing, the next snoring. As we began fostering for BDHPI, our theory was expanded to the belief ALL Mastiffs have this great gift! It makes us laugh all the time.

Well today, I got physical proof. As I was picking up our bedroom, Deacon climbed into our bed with a toy. I was talking to him, petting his belly, and since I had my camera handy I was snapping a few pictures of him. I accidentally dropped the camera and in the nano second it took me to bend over and pick it up, he apparently fell asleep sitting up.

Of course, I burst out laughing which startled him- he than grunted in disgust and made himself more comfortable!

I walked out of the bedroom declaring that I MUST have another Mastiff! My husband than shook his head in disgust!

Sooooo, since the Dews can't have another, maybe YOU should? I will guarantee you tremendous love and great laughs. Get those adoption apps in, what are you waiting for???

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yappy Hour Rocked!

Yappy Hour was a huge success!
Many thanks to Danielle at Camp Bow Wow Lodo for hosting our event. Thanks to Pure Puppy for donating the wine. Thanks to our wonderful Chairperson, Renee Laposa, for organizing such a great event. Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped us secure such great silent auction items- we had 3 tables worth!

We raised $2254 for our gentle giants. We were also very amazed to receive a $1000 donation from a very generous supporter as well! So thats a grand total of $3254. Not too bad for a Friday night in the rescue world! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Will we see you tonight at Yappy Hour in Denver, CO??

WE HOPE SO!!!! Silent auction, drinks, snacks! 100% of proceeds will go to our gentle giants! $15 at the door. Please bring your own 4 legged family members too!

Event Details:
WHAT: Yappy Hour to benefit Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 23rd from 5 – 8 pm
WHERE: Camp Bow Wow Denver LoDo 3645 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO p. 303.577.0232

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bodie goes home

Dear Bodie

You are on your way to Cheyenne, WY with your new mom Mary. It took us 9 weeks to find you the perfect home. We think your new mom is a great match!

I was awake with worry last night...would they be able to get past your initial timidness? Would they see the goofy boy behind the tough exterior? Will they be sure to give you an ice cube everytime they go to the fridge? Will they walk you even though you have the potential to drive a person INSANE with how much you hate your gentle leader? And most importantly, will they love you as much as we do?

We know you will love them..becasuse that's what you do. You love and love until you have no more to give.

So Bodie, Bodes, Bodilicious we send you on your way. We love you very much. We are so happy BDHPI took you when noone else would.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Brave

Our love,

Your Foster Parents, Bree & Brian

Finding new homes is EXHAUSTING work!

Dougie (adopted this week) & Robert (still looking for a home)

Moose & friend

Rio & London

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Bernard & Annabelle from NYCF

Update after Week 2 from Nebraska Youth Correctional Facility where Bernard & Annabelle are part of their training program:

The dogs are doing fabulous! Annabelle has really come out of her shell and Bernard...well, he's Bernard! He's very layed back and just goes with the flow. Both even attended a concert! Annabelle did well and Bernard discovered that barking at speakers only gets you removed but he has been doing very well. The handlers are doing very well with both the dogs and are really coming along with their commands and bonding.

Scary Boom Boom

Update on Boom Boom:

He has fit into our family wonderfully. It seems he has been with us so much longer 4 months. He is such a big goofy boy who loves to be with us and cuddle and act silly. He gets so excited when we come home, or in the room, or wake up. Well... that is when he happens to wake up.

He has gotten better about being a little more gentle around our 13year old female rotty mix, who is a little slow getting around these days, and the 17year old cat who is just 100 times smaller than him. He works a little harder to not step on them or knock them down.

He started out being afraid of thunder but the most recent thunder did not seem to phase him. I was waiting for him to crawl in my lap but he just lay there and looked at me. I guess he is feeling more safe and at home every day. He still does not like the vacuum cleaner and chooses to spend that time in bed. He is also fairly certain the Roomba is out to get him but we try and reassure him he is loved and safe.

We took him and our "old girl" to the blessing at the Dumb Friends day for St Francis day and got them both blessed for health and long life. He has definately found a place in our hearts and we hope to have him in our family for many years to come.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surfs Up

Monk, formerly known as Max II, is now happily living in Long Beach, CA with his two new brothers. He just had his first visit to the dog beach and a little unsure of the big ocean! His new family is anxious for the first time they can visit the off leash part of the dog beach, where we all know he will have a great time! Congrats on your new So Cal living, Monk!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nuggets vs Bulls!

We are SOOOO excited to be a part of this night!

Tickets for BDHPI Pawsnight with the Denver Nuggets are now on sale! The cost is $25 per ticket, with $5 of each ticket going back to our rescue! Not only can you enjoy the game, but our volunteers and foster dogs will hosting a meet-n-greet the beer tent during the game.

Saturday Nov. 21st at 7pm.

To purchase tickets: or CALL APRIL WAKEFIELD AT 303-405-6188

PLEASE support this event!

It's hard being BIG

Napolean is still looking for his forever home...and apparently, a bigger bed!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Puppy Update

From Lindsay, our CEO:

Poor Laura and family had a rough weekend with the puppies and we are now down to 9 puppies...

When Laura went out to check on the pups, one of the babies was laying very still. She picked him up and quickly started to rub him with a towel. She called the vet for instructions, but it was sadly too late - his little tongue was blue and so was the tip of his pink little nose. We suspect that Juliette may have accidentally sat on him and suffocated him. His name was Jupiter (heavenly body).

The runt of the litter, Zorro, crossed the rainbow bridge as well. Laura called and reported that he stopped nursing and wasn't doing well. She followed the vet's directions and continued throughout the night (keeping him warm and feeding through a dropper). During the next 12 hours, he did nurse twice and we thought he was out of the woods. Then he started to convulse and was bleeding from his rectum. Laura wrapped him a blanket and sat next to a heater, petting him and let him slip away in her arms.

The McIntosh family, as well as all of us at BDHPI, are devastated and heartbroken, but we know our wonderful volunteers did everything they could to save these precious puppies and it obviously just wasn't meant to be. They will bury both boys on their ten acres of land next to their Mastiff and guinnea pig where they will rest in peace.

Raising puppies is no easy task. I just wanted to offer a note of encouragement publicly and let Laura know that we are so proud of all the work she is doing. There are 9 remaining healthy puppies that will hopefully help ease this weekend's losses with their adorable faces! Hang in there and know we are all sending big hugs your way!!!

Best wishes, Lindsay

Friday, October 9, 2009

Puppies are here!

Juliette gave birth to 11 healthy puppies!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 belllllyyyyy!

Hi BDHPI Followers,

My name is Juliette, I was found as a stay with a intact male Saint. You can thank HIM for the this big belly full of babies:

I am so glad that BDHPI sprung me from that shelter- they were nice and all, but I'd rather give birth in a home instead of a cold shelter. I should also probably thank my foster mom for what I about to do to her peaceful life :)

The vet counted 9 puppy heads, but I swear I have a few more hiding in there. Please keep me and my babies in your thoughts, they tell me puppies will probably be here by the end of the weekend.

Now, I know how excited people get when puppies are around so I feel it important to make sure anyone reading this who is thinking of adopting one of my babes should know that they will need to go to homes that have giant breed experience...apparently these humans think purebred Saints can be a handful...sheesh....

Well, my bed is calling me. I gotta save my energy for the coming days.

Thanks BDHPI for saving me and my puppies.


Juliette the Saint.

PS- Don't forget that I need a forever home too! As soon as these puppies are weaned, I will up for adoption too!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prison Pups!

Bernard & Annabelle are our first two foster dogs to be selected to participate in our 12 week long Prison Dog Training Program at the Nebraska Youth Correctional Facility in Omaha, NE. Our gentle giants will be playing a key role in teaching inmates about empathy, compassion for animals, responsibility, and giving them a job they can be proud of. Bernard & Annabelle will also be undergoing basic obedience training taught by our partner, Bona Fide Dog Academy, and are shooting to earn their Canine Good Citizen Award at the conclusion!

We've been working long and hard to establish this relationship with the Correctional Facility and know that our dogs will be well loved and cared for while they are gone.

This is a win-win situation for all!

FREE Behavior Q&A in Castle Rock, CO

Our wonderful partner, Certified Dog Behavior Specialist, Laura Brody, will be hosting a Free Dog Behavior Q & A on Wednesday, October 21st from 7:00-8:00PM at Tails Up Doggie

Daycare located at: 401 S. Gilbert Street, Castle Rock, CO.

Donations of Dog Supplies or Cash will also be gratefully accepted from guests to benefit BDHPI!Please note that this is a human only event.

Thanks Laura for such a generous offer!

ID & NE Peeps! EARS workshops are coming to you!

The Omaha training session for United Animal Nations (UAN) Emergency Animal Rescue Services (EARS) volunteers is scheduled for Nov 14 and Nov 15 2009. You can read more about them at: UAN is offering three more volunteer training workshops in 2009!

The following workshops are scheduled:
October 24: Idaho Falls, Idaho
November 14: Omaha, Nebraska
November 15: Omaha, Nebraska

These should be very interesting workshops. Let us know if you go, we would love to hear what you learn.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Upcoming Events! Please come!

BDHPI is participating in two very fun events this month here in Denver, CO! Please come see us, and meet the real stars of the show...our foster dogs who are looking for new homes!

1. 2009 K-9s Against Cancer Event on Saturday, October 10th

Registration begins at 7:00am5k run/walk begins at 9:00am1 mile walk/run begins at 9:30am Demonstrations and exhibitors finish at 1:00pm

WHERE: Central Park – Stapleton (Denver)(at Martin Luthur King and Central Park Blvds.)WHO: More than 2,500 dog lovers and their furry friends from throughout the metro Denver area.
COST: $30 – Adult Participant ($20 for Additional Adult Family Members)$15 – Children ages 6-17Children 5 and under are free!



What a great way to spend a Friday – Happy Hour with your four-legged friend! Bring your dog, tell your friends & join us for drinks & a silent auction to benefit BDHPI Giant Breed Rescue.

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 23rd from 5 – 8 pm
WHERE: Camp Bow Wow Denver LoDo3645 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO p. 303.577.0232 GET


* Tickets are $15 per person and include 2 drinks. More info on the site. * Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coldstone does a body good

Bodie came into rescue at 118lbs, today he tipped the scales at 150lbs. Do you think this had anything to do with it?

Ps- We actually didn't let Bodie eat Coldstone, but he did carry around the empty cup for a while.

"Special Needs" doesn't mean "Stay Away"

If you follow the BDHPI website you will see a lot smiling faces with the words
"Special Needs" next to their name. The intent is certainly not to make any prospective families skip down to the next gentle giant, rather to be to as open and honest with our adoptive families about the needs of a specific dog.

Special Needs doesn't necessarily mean extra bills or extra vet visits, sometimes it just means a "not so perfect" dog, maybe one that walks with a limp, or has bad eyesight or hearing like these sweet girls:

Cassie (blind) & Mama (deaf)

Humans aren't perfect, how can we expect our pets to be?

Certainly in some cases "Special Needs" means you may not have the dog for the normal expected life span, which is the case for this sweet girl :


But does this make her less deserving of a home?

If you are looking to adopt, please consider all the dogs- young, old or special needs! You just never know what a special gift you will find!