Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scary Boom Boom

Update on Boom Boom:

He has fit into our family wonderfully. It seems he has been with us so much longer 4 months. He is such a big goofy boy who loves to be with us and cuddle and act silly. He gets so excited when we come home, or in the room, or wake up. Well... that is when he happens to wake up.

He has gotten better about being a little more gentle around our 13year old female rotty mix, who is a little slow getting around these days, and the 17year old cat who is just 100 times smaller than him. He works a little harder to not step on them or knock them down.

He started out being afraid of thunder but the most recent thunder did not seem to phase him. I was waiting for him to crawl in my lap but he just lay there and looked at me. I guess he is feeling more safe and at home every day. He still does not like the vacuum cleaner and chooses to spend that time in bed. He is also fairly certain the Roomba is out to get him but we try and reassure him he is loved and safe.

We took him and our "old girl" to the blessing at the Dumb Friends day for St Francis day and got them both blessed for health and long life. He has definately found a place in our hearts and we hope to have him in our family for many years to come.

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