Monday, October 12, 2009

Puppy Update

From Lindsay, our CEO:

Poor Laura and family had a rough weekend with the puppies and we are now down to 9 puppies...

When Laura went out to check on the pups, one of the babies was laying very still. She picked him up and quickly started to rub him with a towel. She called the vet for instructions, but it was sadly too late - his little tongue was blue and so was the tip of his pink little nose. We suspect that Juliette may have accidentally sat on him and suffocated him. His name was Jupiter (heavenly body).

The runt of the litter, Zorro, crossed the rainbow bridge as well. Laura called and reported that he stopped nursing and wasn't doing well. She followed the vet's directions and continued throughout the night (keeping him warm and feeding through a dropper). During the next 12 hours, he did nurse twice and we thought he was out of the woods. Then he started to convulse and was bleeding from his rectum. Laura wrapped him a blanket and sat next to a heater, petting him and let him slip away in her arms.

The McIntosh family, as well as all of us at BDHPI, are devastated and heartbroken, but we know our wonderful volunteers did everything they could to save these precious puppies and it obviously just wasn't meant to be. They will bury both boys on their ten acres of land next to their Mastiff and guinnea pig where they will rest in peace.

Raising puppies is no easy task. I just wanted to offer a note of encouragement publicly and let Laura know that we are so proud of all the work she is doing. There are 9 remaining healthy puppies that will hopefully help ease this weekend's losses with their adorable faces! Hang in there and know we are all sending big hugs your way!!!

Best wishes, Lindsay

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