Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easy homemade dog treats.

I made these recently and they are a HIT! And they are approved for the cooking impaired such as I.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

"Good Dog" Cookies
1/2 cup powdered milk
1 egg, well beaten
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 cup water
6 tblsp gravy
Baby food meat

Mix all ingredients well. Roll out on a floured board about 1/2" thick. Cut out cookie shapes with floured cutters.
Bake at 350F for 25-30 minutes. Cool, maybe leaving them in the oven to dry. Cookies should be hard. Store in an airtight container


Noone else thought her life had enough value to spend the money to fix her hips. We did.
Surgery will not stop this girl from sunbathing

Friday, February 26, 2010

How sweet is your Senior?

February is coming to a close which means you don't have much time left to enter your Senior dog into our "How Sweet is your Senior" contest.

Details here:

The King and Queen who win this contest will earn themselves a wonderful gift- full of things to pamper themselves with..just as they deserve!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Senior has found a home!

In part to February being our "Adopt a Senior Month", 10 yr old Karma has FINALLY found her forever home. We are even more thrilled to tell you that not only is she being adopted, she is being adopted by the family that adopted her son Twookie. We are so thrilled they are going to be reunited!

Yea Karma!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kway is home

Kway sure seems to enjoy his new life. And his new parents report they are thrilled with him!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Forever Homes

Here are a few pictures of some BDHPI alums in their forever homes! Twookie



Life is good.

I used to be a stray, the whites of coat stained yellow from urine and I spent the day in bed buried under pillows. Life is good.

Save-A-Dog FAQ (Facebook Application)

We received some questions about the Facebook Application, SAVE-A-DOG and if BDHPI received any donations. While we do not, it promotes rescue which is fine by us!

How do my visits to Save a Dog help save real shelter dogs?
For every 2,500 points you score, we donate the financial equivalent of a cup of food to, a non-profit organization that provides free and low-cost technology services to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. The more points you earn, the more dogs you help save!

Where does the money DogTime donates come from?
The money comes from DogTime and its Save a Dog advertisers and publishing partners.

Where is the money donated and how is it spent?
The money helps rescues and shelters via our partner,, an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They provide essential technical services that allow rescues and shelters to post their pets on the Internet, thereby greatly increasing their chances of adoption. Through donations, is able to provide its services free or at a low cost to animal welfare groups that could not otherwise afford them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have you bought txs for Pucks & Paws? Time is running out!

Join us Saturday, March 6th for the 2nd Annual Pucks & Paws Event! Discount tickets available (see links below); a portion of ticket sales from those purchased through links the provided will be donated to BDHP. Join us for the Pucks & Paws Pet Fair at 10am, then come back for the game & watch as Matt Duchene, Paul Stastny and the rest of your Colorado Avalanche battle it out with the St. Louis Blues.
DISCOUNTED TICKETS: (2 options available)
$30/each (Upper Level)
- 1 Upper Level Ticket (Face Value $40)
- 1 Entrée (choice of hot dog, pizza, burger, salad, cheese steak, nacho deluxe or chicken tenders)
- 1 Beverage (Pepsi product)
To Order these tickets go to:
$60/each (Club Level/VIP)
VIP Club Level Ticket (Face Value $102-$115)
To Order these tickets go to:
GAME: SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

Join us before the game for the Pucks & Paws Pet Fair!
Everyone who purchases a ticket through this offer is invited down to the Pepsi Center for the 2nd Annual Pucks & Paws Pet Fair. The Pet Fair is scheduled from 10am-12pm on March 6th in Pepsi Center parking Lot A. Ticket prices include entrance to the pet fair and a ticket to the Avalanche vs. Blues game at 7pm. There will be fun events going on for you and your dog and a chance to meet Bernie the Avalanche Mascot. All dogs in attendance need to be on a leash and the owner is responsible for their dog(s) at all times. Don't have a furry friend to bring along, then come and stop by one of the many rescues in attendance to talk about adopting a dog of your own. Dogs will not be allowed inside the Pepsi Center during the game.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Every BIG dog deserves a chance!

This motto rings true everyday for us rescuers here at BDHPI, but that motto rings even louder when we come across dogs in need like little Carly!

Carly is deaf and blind. Most shelters and/or rescues wouldn't have the resources to deal with such a special needs case, but I am thankful to say that here at BDHPI we do! We are able to save dogs like Carly in part to our volunteers, incredible foster homes and from the generous support of our followers!

As you can see Carly is darling, and her foster family reports she has a lot of puppy personality! She loves other dogs and is looking for a playmate. We had to smile when her foster home told us that in her confusion she will sometimes even play with walls :)
It goes without saying that Carly will need a special forever family, but we are certain they are out there! And until than, she is safe with us!

Annie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Annie, the very sweet 3 year old tiny bull mastiff that was dumped by a breeder after producing far too many puppies in her brief little life passed away this morning in her foster mom Lindsey's arms.

When Annie came to us she was so afraid, and in so much pain from really awful joints, but she had responded incredibly well to Adequan shots to relieve her pain and her long-term prognosis for that was excellent. She was such a trooper through all of the vet visits, and tests and shots. She loved laying by the window in the sun at Lindsey's home and hanging out in the evenings watching TV on the couch. Everyone who met her just fell in love with her, and we thought her best days were yet to come.

Unfortunately, she recently started showing us that she was not feeling well at all, and Dr Brooks diagnosed her this week with end-stage renal failure. She spent her last day sunbathing with her brother, and then laying on the couch watching some movies and eating hot dogs with her mom.

Annie suffered for three years - but she was one of the lucky ones who got out alive and knew complete love and devotion by her people at the end. Lindsay, our hearts are breaking for you, and we are saying a prayer for you and Annie today, who I promise awaits you at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you and Dr. Brooks for being her angels during her all too brief time with us, where she was safe, loved, and so well cared for.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Medical Update on Harlo

From Harlo's foster mom, Adrienne:

Harlo came into rescue with severe wobblers a few weeks ago and Dr. Winton has been working to get him into MRI and then surgery. Poor baby would shake and fall constantly. He would fall turning around, changing direction or even just standing there. His gait was so bad that he would rub bloody rasberries in his paws even walking around the block.

Last Tuesday week, Dr. Lane and the wonderful folks at VRCC performed multiple laminectomy procedures to open up the spinal canal and reduce pressure on his spinal cord. Today he has been home for a few days and he is already much more stable and he is walking much better! He has 6-12 weeks of recovery and he needs some groceries, but Dr. Lane and Dr. Winton think that he is going to much improved.

He already has a new Mom that can't wait to see him: she is a vet tech from Key West FL! He will be recovering for the next weeks with me and then he will be lying on the beach, being waited on hand and foot! He is the biggest, sweetest Dane you have ever met and he talks constantly to tell you how he feels about everything. For now, he will tell you he wants to play! Already he seems to remember he is a puppy and I am having to remind him he is on the injured list and can't rough house or chase bunnies or do anything fun for while.

Special Note: Thank you Dr. Winton. She has a huge heart and has done everything for Big D and me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This never gets old

Seriously people, this never gets old. Every night Lola entertains us with her antics while she tries out a variety of sleeping position.

This also never gets old because the administrator of this blog (me), happens to be her foster mom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We were on the news!

Did you see Lindsay (President) & Bree (VP) on the news to help promote our rescue & the new movie, MARMADUKE?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Slow day at the office

Between a snow day here in Denver, bad hips and pneumonia, it's a slow day for Lola!


We are so excited to announce we have to more two BDHPI dogs that are going to participating in the prison training program.

Gus and Cody will be participating in our 2nd Prison Training Program at the Nebraska Youth Correctional Facility starting on February 15th for 12 weeks. They will be learning all of their basic commands and will have an opportunity to earn their Good Canine Citizen Award at the conclusion. They be playing a critical role in teaching inmates about empathy, compassion, responsibility and more!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome, Lola!

All rescuers love dogs. But I think it is safe to say that some breeds pull more at our heartstrings than others, or maybe it's the look of the dog, or the personality that immediately makes you drawn towards the dog...but every now and again a dog pops up in rescue that really speaks to your heart.

Last weekend I got a call from our CEO, Lindsay, who was gushing over the petite BullMastiff, Lola, she had just picked up from boarding in KS. She said "You are going to LOVE this dog! She looks just like Mellie!" Mellie was the first foster who introduced to my than boyfriend (now husband) to what fostering is all about. She melted his heart with her funny face (Boxer/Great Dane) and her very unique personality. He still calls her 'My Mellie'! I think she imprinted on him on how life changing fostering can both humans and for the dog in need. (All of us fosters need our signifcant others to have one of these experience so they let us keep fostering!!!)

Well, Miss Lola is now in Denver and we are keeping her this weekend while her foster parents are on vacation ( tho, I am already threatening they will not get her back). Lola is tiny, a mere 57 lbs. She is what I like to call a "pretend" BullMastiff. The absolute instant I laid eyes on her, my heart melted. Lindsay was dead on that she would remind me of Mellie. I've been texting my husband all afternoon- I can't wait for him to meet her!

Lola clearly is not feeling well from what I think is kennel cough setting in, but what is even more upsetting is that she needs hip surgery on both of her hips. This poor tiny girl has been bred, not well fed and forced to spend her short 2 years on this earth in pain. With this all said, she has been nothing but loving and endearing since arriving today. Everytime I look at her, her tail wags and wags. If I speak, she lifts her head and I swear she smiles at me. She took one look at our 210lbs Mastiff and flipped onto her back in submission. Even our crazy mean Cocker Spaniel is happy to have her.

Lindsay texted me today that Lola was scheduled to be euthanized the day BDHPI agreed to take her. While I know this situation happens countless times a day in the United States, reading that news brought tears to me eyes. This precious girl deserves a chance, and she almost didn't get hers.

So, if you are toying with the idea of supporting a rescue, becoming a volunteer, foster home or opening your home to a rescue dog, see this video. Lola has be given nothing in life and her tail still wags at nothing more than a comfy dog bed and a nice voice.

BDHPI is making a difference in this dog at a time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Banksy is home!


It's only been a few days with Banksy(formerly Ebenezer), but we're absolutely elated by how nicely he's fit into our little family unit.

That first afternoon/evening was a bit overwhelming for him, but we let him be...contently sniffing all corners of the house, poking around in the backyard and (occasionally) coming back to the living room to make sure everyone was still there. He eventually crashed on a blanket near the front door.

The minute he woke up Monday morning he started coming out of his shell...he has no qualms about the leash anymore and all about long walks to City Park or the coffee shop. He thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to Cherry Creek S.P. and saying 'hello' to all pups there. I'm absolutely convinced he knows he's a good looking boy, and totally milks it when humans pay him attention. He's starting to figure out that doggie beds are much more comfortable than hardwood floor and LOVES getting invited onto the bed for early morning cuddles with the whole family.

He and Madison had been cordial to one another, but last night at about 11 pm, they finally (much to Madison's delight) had a nice, long wrestling match. Around midnight I heard them meander upstairs and heard two big thumps...they slept well past 9am (unheard of for Madison). They've been horsing around all day's a beautiful thing!

Anyway, thanks again for all your work...we couldn't be happier with the addition!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is your Senior cuter than mine?

Is your Senior cuter than mine? I highly doubt it :) But, I am willing to a fair competition!

BDHP February 2010 Super Sweet Senior Photo Contest runs NOW through 2/28/2010!

BDHP is searching for the Sweetest Male & Female Senior Gentle Giant. Owners & fosters can submit photos of their Super Sweet Seniors for $10 each for one photo, 2 photos for $15 or 3 photos for $20. One male and one female will be named the first “King & Queen of the Royal Court.”

"ALL HAIL THE KING, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!" (CONTEST PRIZES): Both King and Queen will receive a “Pamper your Super Sweet Senior” Tote bag with goodies. The bags will be made up of a “Peace, Love & Muddy Paws” tote bag, Dog Shampoo, a bag of Puppy Crack, a monogrammed dog bath towel and a new leash & collar set.

1. Submit high resolution JPG images as e-mail attachments to Please include your name, your senior's name and your contact info in your e-mail!

2. Donate online for your photo submissions - Go to and in the first line, where it says, “How much would you like to donate?” enter "Senior contest," as well as your senior's name and your first and last name.

3. ENTER UP TO THREE (3) PHOTOS PER SENIOR DOG. Owners & fosters can submit photos of their Super Sweet Seniors for $10 each for one photo, 2 photos for $15 or 3 photos for $20.

DEADLINE: Submit ALL photos AND payments (pay at time of submission) by February 28, 2010. Contact Shaun with questions at We can't wait to see your sweet senior photos!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February is "Adopt a Senior Month"

Brutus, The Senior Saint who is still looking for his forever home!

Hi Friends

As most of you know, BDHPI has a soft spot for the Seniors that find their way to rescue. Often they have lived a life of neglect with little medical care or love. We are always amazed how at how quickly they settle into their foster homes and evenutally their forever homes...I always think they must be making up for lost time!

The month of February we are celebrating Senrios & fundraising in their honor! We are selling totes and t's.

Here is the logo:

To view the types of shirts and totes available and to order, please visit our website at

Thanks in advance for your support!

Dandy, the gorgeous 9 yr old Great Dane who is anxious to find a family of her own!