Thursday, February 4, 2010

Banksy is home!


It's only been a few days with Banksy(formerly Ebenezer), but we're absolutely elated by how nicely he's fit into our little family unit.

That first afternoon/evening was a bit overwhelming for him, but we let him be...contently sniffing all corners of the house, poking around in the backyard and (occasionally) coming back to the living room to make sure everyone was still there. He eventually crashed on a blanket near the front door.

The minute he woke up Monday morning he started coming out of his shell...he has no qualms about the leash anymore and all about long walks to City Park or the coffee shop. He thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to Cherry Creek S.P. and saying 'hello' to all pups there. I'm absolutely convinced he knows he's a good looking boy, and totally milks it when humans pay him attention. He's starting to figure out that doggie beds are much more comfortable than hardwood floor and LOVES getting invited onto the bed for early morning cuddles with the whole family.

He and Madison had been cordial to one another, but last night at about 11 pm, they finally (much to Madison's delight) had a nice, long wrestling match. Around midnight I heard them meander upstairs and heard two big thumps...they slept well past 9am (unheard of for Madison). They've been horsing around all day's a beautiful thing!

Anyway, thanks again for all your work...we couldn't be happier with the addition!

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  1. He's come along way from when I picked him up from a farm in rural Kansas on January 1. He was 100% unsocialized towards people in the beginning. His foster mom did a great job.