Monday, August 31, 2009

Grendel crosses the Rainbow Bridge

I am so sad to share with all of you that Grendel, the 5 year old, Fawn, male Bullmastiff passed away today in his foster mom's Cindy's arms. He had been in rescue just a few short weeks. Grendel came into rescue with a significant dent on the right side of his head, and in the past few weeks had gone downhill fast. The vets suspected a brain tumor, and his quality of life had disappeared.

Grendel knew great joy and love in his last few weeks with Cindy and her family in Texas. He was their very first foster dog, and Grendel could not have found a kinder family to watch over him during his last days.

Please say a prayer for Grendel and all of the sweet dogs that are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Party Piper

Piper has more posts on this blog than anyone...and it's because she has a huge fan club here at BDHPI. She thinks she belongs to a lot of us, and while we all enjoy her love, it is also because of the sad fact that she's been in rescue so long she has made her way through quite a few foster homes- Condons, Dews, Bastyrs, Silversteins, City Bark Parker, and now back to the Bastyrs. What is even more unfortunate that in that time she was also adopted twice- the first time she was returned due to human allergies, and the second time because Piper decided she didn't want to share her new mom with the kitties in the home.

Piper is a wonderful girl who has a ton of personality and lots of love to give. So much infact, she really would like to be the only dog. While she can live with other pets, and has lived with other pets, the situation really needs to be managed. For that, we've decided that she need to go to a family where she can be the only dog.

Piper is not your typical 7 yr old- she loves to run and play! It her belief that there is no such thing as "too many toys"! The more they squeak and the easier they are to throw across the room, the better in Pipes opinion. She also could win an award in the "snuggle" category.

We would all cry tears of joy if we could find Snipey Piper her FOREVER home! Are you it?

Monday, August 24, 2009


BDHPI 1st Annual " Run with the Big Dogs" was a huge success!

Over 125 of you came out bright and early to support our cause, and we are so thankful. After a wonderful "Blessing of the Animals", everyone set off on their trip around the lake (or neighborhood if you got lost)! All of our BIG dogs were very thankful for the kiddie pools that had been put out at the rest stops!

We are tremendously thankful for our wonderful sponsors and vendors who also came support our cause. We ask that you think of their services next time you are in need. Please visit our to see who these wonderful people are!

Lastly, thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen...and to those of you who showed up at 5:45am the day of the event to help set up. Liz Buckley was our Chairperson for this event and did a phenomenal job!

All of the feedback has very wonderful and we can't wait to do it again next year!

Thank you so very much for your support!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Helping with chores

My husband Brian was vacuuming the family room when I started to hear laughter. This is what I saw when I went to investigate...Bodie is a very good helper!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why rescues need to exist

Those of us who are volunteers see reason after reason, all in the forms of 4 legged gentle giants, why rescues like our need to exist. I often wonder if the general public, who aren't as involved in the day to day animal world, are aware of how critical our work is.
Here is just one example of how organization like ours make life changing decisions in the lives of these animals:

Last week, our CEO Lindsay, along with a few other mastiff rescues, received an email from a shelter in KS about a 2 year old Mastiff who was an owner surrender. It was explained that Bodie the Mastiff was terrified. He did not want to be touched, he did not want to walk on the leash and would submissively urinate in fear. The shelter explained they did not have the ability to screen families for such a special needs dog and if one of the rescues could not take him, he would be euthanized. Along with this email were the saddest pictures we had seen in a long time- Bodie was huddled in the corner, with such a sad look on his face.
None of the other rescues had the resources to take a dog with fear issues, so they all passed. Undeterred by Bodie's issues, Lindsay quickly agreed to accept this dog into our rescue. She than passed along his pictures to the me, knowing that unsocial, terrified dogs are my specialty...the ones that really pull at my heartstring.

My husband and I were anxious for Bodie to arrive, and had our game plan all ready for what steps we needed to go through to prepare Bodie for a new life with a new family. When Bodie arrived on Saturday night, Brian quietly sat by his crate until Bodie was ready to come out. We than spent the next hour with Bodie in the backyard, while he would not let us pet him, he was very curious about us.

And than, the strangest thing happened...this terrified dog came up to me, sat down, gave me his paw and a huge kiss. Than he made his way to Brian and did the same. We were shocked and certainly not expecting such friendly and trusting behavior. As bedtime rolled around, Bodie followed us to bed and promptly jumped in with us. We laughed and laughed.

When we woke up on Sunday we were met with friendly, happy boy. Lots of kisses, lots of paws, lots of pets, and lots of snuggling. Bodie followed Brian everywhere, and sat beneath our dining room table as Brian worked. Everytime Brian moved his foot, Bodie would inch over so he could continue to lay his head on Brian's foot. He is a wonderful dog who is so deserving of a wonderful home.

While sudden noises are a bit scary and he takes an hour or two to warm up to strangers, Bodie is certainly not the dog the shelter warned us about. He certainly did not deserve to be hours away from euthanasia.

Stories like Bodie's are occuring all over the United States. Shelters are overcrowded, dogs are terrified being there and life ending decisions are being made. We understand shelters are doing their very best, and we are so appreciative that they recognized that Bodie shouldn't go to just "any" home and reached out to us. I can't imagine the heartache of being a shelter employee when decisions like these need to be made.

Bodie's story is the perfect example of our motto" Every BIG dogs deserves a chance". Bodie's story is just one example of why we exist and why we do what we do.
We hope people in the community continue to support our cause and their local shelters too.
Bodie says " Thank you!"

Bodie and his new BFF, his foster dad Brian

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Giant Delivery

New adopting parents, Michelle and Deacon, drove to Hays, KS to pick up their new boy, Henry, and came home with 7 of our gentle giants. 5 went to their forever homes, and these beautiful
boys are now being fostered here in CO.

Bodie and Bigsby
We promised them that their forever families are out there too!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Big Dogs Huge Paws,

I can't believe it's been 3 months since I moved to Telluride! I'm sorry I haven't written sooner but I have been so busy.

I have made huge strides in 3 months. I bonded with Kate really quickly, she's my person, but I was unsure about other people - especially her boyfriend Shawn who is over here a lot. I didn't want to even look at him but eventually I learned that he feeds me and pets me lots and lots so I like him now too.Everyone keeps telling me what a good girl I am - I'm getting used to people and small dogs (I've always liked giants like me). There is this dog upstairs who barks all the time and I just ignore her. I wag my tail most of the time now, except when I'm resting, and I rest a lot!

We live right next to the park so we hear music festivals and fireworks and I don't mind at all. Plus being next to the park means that at least once a day I get to go roll in the grass which is my favorite. (It took me about a month to let Kate know that but because I'm so comfy with her now I don't mind if she sees my belly)I have already gotten to stay in a hotel with Kate and once she had to go away so I boarded at this really nice place - I got to play in the grass a lot there.

We have gone camping 3 times and gone hiking a bunch - I love camping a lot - there's so many cool things to smell. And I really like having a job while I'm hiking, it makes me feel important.Kate said I should send some pictures so here they are. There are also often a lot of pictures of me on her blog

Thanks for helping us find each other, we are a very good match and I really love living in Telluride!

Love, Sally

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have I?

Have I mentioned lately that is time to register for "Run with the Big Dogs".

These faces will tell you why it is imporant....if you run or walk you will help this guy:

and this girl:

and this poor baby (who has gained 25lbs since being with us):

and this guy:

I could go on and on....too many dogs in need to count. See you on the 23rd!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time to register for the 5k!!!!

The 1st Annual "Run with the Big Dogs" is fast approaching! Have you registered?

This exciting event is being held on Sunday August 23rd, in Clement Park (Littleton, CO). Registration is at 7am, Race starts at 8am.

$50 per individual
$75 per family
100% of proceeds will go to our gentle giants!

We will have lots of vendors, an "Adoption Alley", doggie pools for your 4 legged kids to cool off in and lots of fun!

You don't need a giant breed to attend, or a dog at all for that matter- all you need is love for dogs and a special place in your heart for all the hardwork that goes into rescue!

Please email bree@bigdogshugepaws and she will email you a registration form.