Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Party Piper

Piper has more posts on this blog than anyone...and it's because she has a huge fan club here at BDHPI. She thinks she belongs to a lot of us, and while we all enjoy her love, it is also because of the sad fact that she's been in rescue so long she has made her way through quite a few foster homes- Condons, Dews, Bastyrs, Silversteins, City Bark Parker, and now back to the Bastyrs. What is even more unfortunate that in that time she was also adopted twice- the first time she was returned due to human allergies, and the second time because Piper decided she didn't want to share her new mom with the kitties in the home.

Piper is a wonderful girl who has a ton of personality and lots of love to give. So much infact, she really would like to be the only dog. While she can live with other pets, and has lived with other pets, the situation really needs to be managed. For that, we've decided that she need to go to a family where she can be the only dog.

Piper is not your typical 7 yr old- she loves to run and play! It her belief that there is no such thing as "too many toys"! The more they squeak and the easier they are to throw across the room, the better in Pipes opinion. She also could win an award in the "snuggle" category.

We would all cry tears of joy if we could find Snipey Piper her FOREVER home! Are you it?

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