Friday, December 30, 2011

Maximus and Paylar pass Canine Good Citizen Test!!

Maximus and Paylar are older gentleman who are incredibly bonded to one another. They do admit to a few medical issues but we hope an adopting family will see past that and recognize what wonderful boys they are. They are wonderfully behaved and very loving. And now, thank to their incredible foster Mom Shannon, can brag that they have passed the Canine Good Citizen Test!!

And to top it all off, they are so loved here at BDHPI that their adoption fee has already been donated and will be applied to whomever the lucky family that decides to give these sweet boys a home.

Please read this touching article written on the boys by the Longmont Paper.

Kudos to Shannon who never gives up on any of her fosters...even two oldies but goodies! BDHPI is lucky to have you as one of our foster homes!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did you vote for Mugsy today?

Did you vote for Mugsy today?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will you vote for Mugsy and BDHPI?

Dear Friends,

Will you take 2 minutes and vote for this adopting family and their beloved Mugsy, a 9.5 yr old Fila they adopted from us? Mugsy's owner had died, leaving this old man behind. This family came to BDHPI to adopt a young dog but once they heard this story, they knew he was meant for them even tho he is an old man! The link is below.

Here is his note:

I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how Mugsy is doing. Its been almost a month now and he has settled in 100%. He is doing great and we could not have imagined how wonderful he would be. He is the sweetest most gentile and caring dog we have ever met. I came across a business on facebook last year and I've been following them ever since only because they always have neat stories and pictures. A few days ago they announced a contest called "Rescue who rescued me". It is judged on a picture and a story of a dog that you have gotten from a rescue. Once the entry deadline was closed, it is open for voting from Dec 19 through Jan 20th. The winner gets to donate 10,000 meals to the rescue they chose. I entered our story and a pic of Kathy and Mugsy and even though its only been open for voting for one day, we are leading the vote count ! I didn't expect anything to come of this and did it only to participate in a fun contest. Here is the link to the contest and I thought you could pass it along to others in your organization and maybe even to others that have rescued from you. Either way we just wanted to thank you again for putting together a great organization that has been great for us and great for our big old guy Mr. Mugs.
Ryan & Kathy

Monday, December 12, 2011

Broccoli helps her new family through loss

Broccoli was adopted back on 11/6/11 with Janet and her father who lived with her. Just a few short days after his adoption, Janet's father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. Broccoli was a tremendous support to her while she has been coping with the loss of her dad and their family asked for donations to BDHPI in liew of flowers or any gifts at the funeral. This weekend, they showed up at one of our events in Nebraska and presented our local volunteers with a check for $400. We are overwhelmed with their generosity and so happy that Broccoli is showing them what a gentle giant is all about and assisting with the healing process!

Here is a note from Janet:

We had such a great time and look forward to coming to more events and getting involved. My Dad would be so pleased that the money will be used to help one of the gentle giants have a better life. He so loved Brocolli and the mission of your rescue. Thank you so much for all your help in making this wonderful gift happen!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Home for the Holidays

It is always interesting to us here at BDHPI how owner surrender dramatically increase during the holiday season. We cant even begin to understand when the sentence starts with "How soon can you take our Mastiff? We are having family in town for Christmas!"

While we all agree that family probably doesn't deserve their wonderful Mastiff, it puts BDHPI in a bind. We have a long wait list as it, and it is almost unbearable during the Holidays. Sadly, we have to turn away dogs.

The way to help us with this problem is to adopt! Don't put it off until the Holidays are over. I personally know Danes and Mastiffs are great at supervising the opening presents on Christmas morning, and if you ask Lisa Cecchini our Chief Admin Officer she will tell you little Pyr mixes are great at it too (they will even take them into the yard for you!)

Won't you bring home a gentle giant for the holidays?

Better yet, won't you consider becoming a Member of our Golden Rewards Program and adopt a Senior?

How about Pierre, who has been in rescue since December 2010 (that's a year, folks!)

Or Kobi, who has been here since February '11?

Or how about Paylar and Maximum, whose adoption fee has already been graciously donated and will be applied to their adoption?

Please consider bringing one of these great dogs Home for the Holidays!


Golden Rewards Program

All of our adoptable grey muzzled gentle giants who are at least 7 years young are available for adoption for a reduced $250 donation!

Already a Golden Rewards Club member? If you've adopted a senior gentle giant from Big Dogs Huge Paws in the past, we have great news for you! Adopt a second senior for a Golden Rewards Club adoption donation of $200, and if it's your third senior dog adoption we are offering a special Golden Rewards Club reduced donation of only $150! Why wait?

Whisker Wonderland- Come see us in Boulder, CO tomorrow!

The Only Natural Pet Store in Boulder will be hosting a fantastic event on December 10 from 12-4pm! Please come out and join us!

Holiday Pet Photography ($20.00 per session)

Free Ask-The-Vet Cat Sessions

Free Ask-The-Vet Dog Sessions

Only Natural Pet Store
2100 28th Street #1C
Boulder, CO 80301

Monday, December 5, 2011

Heroes Dance Performance

Brenda O’Brien of Starstruck Academy of Dance in Englewood, CO had a donation drive for BDHPI on Sunday, December 3rd. She choreographed a performance for the holidays about "Heroes" with the intention of inspiring her dancers and their families to do what they can for others. As part of her show, she lead a drive to collect things like leashes, collars, blankets, stuffed animals, heavy duty dog toys and other such items that our rescue might need to help out the foster families. Brenda invited a representative of the rescue to attend as well.

Darlene and I were treated to an amazingly beautiful performance. All age groups participated and did a tremendous job. The choreography was stunning and the dancers nothing short of spectacular.

The dancers and their families made us lovely cards to thank us for the rescue work we do every day. Their photos and notes were very touching. We were astonished to see the stack of items donated for our foster dogs. We filled my Subaru from the front seat all the way to the back!

Items donated include:
1 Raised Feeder
3 XL Dog Beds
2 Lg Dog Beds
2 Dog Blankets
2 Dog Coats
1 Lg Wire Crate and Pad
26 Boxes/Bags of Treats
156 Cans of Dog Food
18 Kong Toys
15 Dog Toys
9 Bully Sticks
6 Leashes
15 Collars

We also received $260 of donations. Huge thanks go to Matt and Brenda O’Brien and all of the dancers and their families at Starstruck Academy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 BDHPI Video

Here is the link to our 2011 BDHPI Video:

Happy Viewing!