Friday, December 9, 2011

Home for the Holidays

It is always interesting to us here at BDHPI how owner surrender dramatically increase during the holiday season. We cant even begin to understand when the sentence starts with "How soon can you take our Mastiff? We are having family in town for Christmas!"

While we all agree that family probably doesn't deserve their wonderful Mastiff, it puts BDHPI in a bind. We have a long wait list as it, and it is almost unbearable during the Holidays. Sadly, we have to turn away dogs.

The way to help us with this problem is to adopt! Don't put it off until the Holidays are over. I personally know Danes and Mastiffs are great at supervising the opening presents on Christmas morning, and if you ask Lisa Cecchini our Chief Admin Officer she will tell you little Pyr mixes are great at it too (they will even take them into the yard for you!)

Won't you bring home a gentle giant for the holidays?

Better yet, won't you consider becoming a Member of our Golden Rewards Program and adopt a Senior?

How about Pierre, who has been in rescue since December 2010 (that's a year, folks!)

Or Kobi, who has been here since February '11?

Or how about Paylar and Maximum, whose adoption fee has already been graciously donated and will be applied to their adoption?

Please consider bringing one of these great dogs Home for the Holidays!


Golden Rewards Program

All of our adoptable grey muzzled gentle giants who are at least 7 years young are available for adoption for a reduced $250 donation!

Already a Golden Rewards Club member? If you've adopted a senior gentle giant from Big Dogs Huge Paws in the past, we have great news for you! Adopt a second senior for a Golden Rewards Club adoption donation of $200, and if it's your third senior dog adoption we are offering a special Golden Rewards Club reduced donation of only $150! Why wait?

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