Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will you vote for Mugsy and BDHPI?

Dear Friends,

Will you take 2 minutes and vote for this adopting family and their beloved Mugsy, a 9.5 yr old Fila they adopted from us? Mugsy's owner had died, leaving this old man behind. This family came to BDHPI to adopt a young dog but once they heard this story, they knew he was meant for them even tho he is an old man! The link is below.

Here is his note:

I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how Mugsy is doing. Its been almost a month now and he has settled in 100%. He is doing great and we could not have imagined how wonderful he would be. He is the sweetest most gentile and caring dog we have ever met. I came across a business on facebook last year and I've been following them ever since only because they always have neat stories and pictures. A few days ago they announced a contest called "Rescue who rescued me". It is judged on a picture and a story of a dog that you have gotten from a rescue. Once the entry deadline was closed, it is open for voting from Dec 19 through Jan 20th. The winner gets to donate 10,000 meals to the rescue they chose. I entered our story and a pic of Kathy and Mugsy and even though its only been open for voting for one day, we are leading the vote count ! I didn't expect anything to come of this and did it only to participate in a fun contest. Here is the link to the contest and I thought you could pass it along to others in your organization and maybe even to others that have rescued from you. Either way we just wanted to thank you again for putting together a great organization that has been great for us and great for our big old guy Mr. Mugs.
Ryan & Kathy


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