Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

BDHPI is raising a glass to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

We wish you and yours a safe and fun-filled weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Note from Anna (formerly Snowball!)

Hi, I’m Anna! But most of you probably know me as Snowball. I made it into BDHPI when me and my pups found ourselves homeless. Now that my last pup has found her forever home and I can finally relax, I thought it would be a great time to update everyone on how I’m doing.

I traveled quite a ways… all the way from Wichita to Denver! My new pack leader – Nick – picked me up on the third leg of my journey and drove me and my friend Macy the Bull Mastiff to Denver to our new homes. Not sure why he was looking out the front window so much, the back window was much more interesting to me.

Since I’ve gotten to my new home, life has been great! Nick sleeps in compared to me. I try to get him up at 5:30 AM by pawing him on the face but he usually rolls over and sleeps till 6. I’m so happy when he gets up so I can go out and defend the yard!

Then I get my first walk of the day. I get two of them everyday. Most days we walk between 3-4 miles which has been so much fun! We even hike around the mountain up the street. I’d never been on a mountain before! The cars looked like little squirrels at first and I kept stopping to watch them.

I’m also excited to start obedience classes in a few weeks at Wag ‘n Train! And when my vet is sure I’m over my hook worms I get to start doggie day care at City Bark too! But until then, I’ve been making new friends at the dog park. Nick has a lot of other friends with dogs whom I get to meet as well. We went camping with 5 other dogs a few weeks ago, which was a blast! And now that I’ve learned how to hike I got to help Nick lead a pack on the trails.

But with all that’s new in my life, my favorite thing to do is cuddle up and take a nap… and Nick doesn’t seem to mind that at all.

All in all – now that all my pups are safe – life is good! I’m not sure a girl could be much happier in a new pack!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lola is home!

Lola's new mom, Mikey, has been kind enough to send a lot of photos and updates to ease the empty hearts of us, her foster parents :)

Lola is livin' large and has the perfect life! She is getting to go on tons of hikes and is very mischevious with her BDHPI brother Chance! We hear they empty the contents of the laundry room into the backyard through their newly installed dog door everyday.

We are so happy Mikey has found such wonderful friends through BDHPI, and we are equally as grateful that two of our dogs have such a wonderful home!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How much???

All of us here at BDHPI are great supporters of pet insurance. Sure, there are companies out there that do not provide a legitmate service, but there are plenty of great ones too. Most of us get pet insurnace for the major injuries- bloat, torn ACL's...but I am here to say the little things can really add up with this giant breeds.

On Mother's Day we returned home to find our Mastiff non weight baring on a hind leg, with a horribly swollen foot. A 10pm run was made to the ER where we were glad to learn it was nothing more than some kind of infected puncture wound on the bottom of his pad. Foot soaks and antibiotics would do the trick....the issue, you ask? The $725.00 worth of antibiotics that he needed due to his weight- plus the $218.00 for the ER visit, cleaning and exam! A total of $943 for an hour visit with the vet! We did not do x-rays, which would have easily been another $300!

Of course, he is worth every penny and we would have gotten him care regardless of pet insurance. But I cannot tell you the relief to know that after a $100 deductible, our bill will be reimbursed at 90%.

Can you even imagine what the cost would have been for something more serious?!?

Here are just a few of the companies that we recommend!

In a time of crisis, knowing you have pet insurance is an incredible relief and you can base your decisions on the needs or your pets...not the needs of your wallet!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The cards are stacked against me

Greetings! My name is Jake. I am an Akbash mix with cool colored eyes! I also happen to be deaf. It's not a problem for me, so I don't think it should be for you either.

When I found my way to BDHPI, I was a mess- skinny, cuts, infections...just a mess. I've cleaned up quite nicely in the 5 months I've been in rescue. I know sign language and all my commands. I clearly like to nap, and adore other dogs and cats. My foster mom adores me...she tells me all the time! Now, I realize I am not a huge guy with a big fluffy coat. I realize my bright eyes might look strange to you, but I really hope someone decides to look past all of that. If they do, they will be in for a lifetime of lovin'!

Please,please,please ask hurts my feelings when I see all the big white fluffy guys get home and than I learn it is rare for anyone to even ask to read about me. It's tough on a guy's ego!

Love ya!

Jake the Akbash!

Do you have a fence jumper?

This is a pretty interesting solution!

Garage Sale in Wichita, KS to benefit BDHPI

If you are near Wichita, KS please join our incredible volunteers as they host a large garage sale to benefit BDHPI!

Dates: June 4,5,6
Where: 830 N Mission, Wichita
Host: Kristy & Nolan

****We are also in need of more items to sell! So, clean out those garages and donate your items to this great cause! Please email for drop off/pick up.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruffing It

Do you live in Colorado Springs, CO? If so, there is a wonderful new all natural pet store that you must visit- Ruffing It!

I visited this weekend and owner Rachel (who also happens to be a BDHPI Volunteer) has a fabulous store. She stocks all the high end dog foods that we recommend, as well as all of the raw foods as well. She has tons of great collars (even the XXL for our big kids) and lots of great toys. I also picked up a few of the Antler (yes, Antlers) chew and our dogs haven't made a peep since I handed them out yesterday! She also has two large tubs with ramps for a self dog wash.

5928 Stetson Hills Blvd #120Colorado Springs, CO 80923

We would love for you to support such a great store that provides the all natural approach that BDHPI recommends!

Pending Adoptions

For those that follow this blog, I thought I would share some wonderful news with you.

Last week, I introduced you to Happy, a Presa who noone was even asking about. It made us all so sad since he such a wonderful boy. HE NOW HAS A HOME!

A month or so ago I introduced you to Apollo & Nike, two adorable Saints who had were surrendered together and are quite the bonded pair. I am thrilled to announce that they have a home TOGETHER in New Hampshire!

What a great way to start the week!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update on Annie from her sister!

Hi, I am Rachel. Delilah(formerly Annie) is doing great. I am the youngest in the family, to let you know. I know it must have been hard for her family to give her up, but she is in a great home. She eats 1 and a half cups of food each meal { 2 servings of food each day}. She is pampered by me painting her townails. She has a playmate named Sampson, who she plays with each day. She gets walks just about each day. She sleeps with me. She has an injury on her hip, but we are giving her medicine and it is getting better. She has a lot of toys. Her favorite is probably either the kong or the bone. She is my kind of dog. She is pet alot each day. She gets complimented on alot for looking like a tiger, in fact she even acts like one. She is just about the greatest dog in the universe. Thanks alot for putting her in our home!

Love Rachel.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

C.A.R.E Wine tasting on June 5th!

C.A.R.E stands for Colorado Animal Rescue Express which is a non profit group that solely works on transporting dogs into the safe arms of rescues! Lisa and Linda are wonderful and are HUGE supporters of BDHPI and our dogs are often found hitching rides on a C.A.R.E van!

Please come support their wine tasting event:

When: Saturday June 5th
Time: 4:30 to 6:30
Where: The Empty Bottle. 1886 S Pearl Street, Denver CO
Cost: Suggested $20 donation

Please go to to pay and please email with the number of attendees.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Have you?

Have you registered yet? Have you? Have you?

What: 2nd Annual "Run with the Big Dogs" 5 k event
When: Saturday August 14th
Where: Clement Park, Littleton CO
Cost: $50 for single entry that include race t-shirt; $75 for a family that includes 2 t-shirts
How to register: visit, click on donate, indicate how much and t-shirt size! Simple!

Music***Vendors***Shopping**BDHPI Medical tent that will be doing michchipping, nail trims, ear cleanings, you name it!***DJ***Food**Drink

Tripod Alert! Tripod Alert!

Romeo & Honey are both proof that "Every BIG dog deserves a chance!"

Romeo had his front let amputated after severe nerve damage. Don't be fooled by his tough guy appearance- He is a happy go lucky boy who is feeling so much better now! He is great with humans of all sizes and dogs alike! Everyone who meets him quickly falls in love.

Honey lost her leg due to being hit by a car! We are just thankful she is alive! In fact, she came into rescue with the name "Marge", but her foster parents quickly realized she is as sweet as honey...and her name was changed!

Once these guys recover from their surgeries, you would be surprised at how great they can get around! I fostered a Dane once who lost a leg due to injury and she was faster than any of my other dogs!

We hope you can look past the injury and see the beautiful souls within!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Himalyan Dog Chews

Have you heard of Himalayan Dog chew?

In the Himalayas, the chew comes from an ancient recipe that is used by the locals to create a long-lasting snack that they can slowly work in their mouths while they are working in the fields.What makes Himalayan Dog Chew so special? This is a very long lasting dog chew that you can find*. Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off. It is 100% natural with no preservatives. It is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas. When you give this chew to your dog, you know that you are providing them with hours of high quality eating entertainment

*depends on the size and eating habits of dogs.Guaranteed AnalysisProtein 52.6 %. Carbohydrates 30.3%. Fat 0.9 %. Ash Food 6.0 %. Moisture 10.2 %.IngredientsYak and Cow Milk. Salt and Lime Juice.

Medium Dog2.5 oz (1 piece)$7.00 each
Large Dog3.5 oz (1 piece)$9.00 each
BIG Dog (these are huge!)7.5 oz (1 piece)$20.00 each

If you are interested, please Eugenia Jaeger the quantity and size you would like to They can be shipped anywhere in the US, or if you prefer local pickup Eugenia is in Parker, CO


Sidenote: The Dew dogs(Cocker to Mastiff) love, love,love these chews. Mom & Dad love that they last long and are all natural!

Have you ordered your BDHPI book yet?

We had a great book release party- earning upwards of $1700 in one evening!!

This book is our pride and joy as it captures the gorgeous faces and personalities of the rescue dogs that have come through our foster program.

Claire Bow, of Rouxby Photography ( all of the photography and spent hours upon hours editing this book. We are so incredibly appreciative of Claire and her huge heart!

For Hardcovers:
For Softcovers:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


To our sweet Lola,

You are a resilient girl! Stray, starving, bad hips, bred too young and saved in the nick of time by BDHPI before your time was up at a shelter...all of that and your warm personality was not tarnished at all!

You came into our home and hearts without skipping a beat. You never knew the word "stranger" and shared your love with anyone who would look your way. Your strange sleeping positions and silly ways brought so many smiles to our faces. Even when naughty we could never stay angry long, you would flash us your snaggle tooth smile and were instantly forgiven. You've been with us for over four months now, and our house will certainly feel empty without your BIG personality! Deacon will be so sad without his girlfriend.

We wish you well with your new Mom and fellow BDHPI alum, Chance. I know she loves you already and you will have the wonderful life your deserve. She also has made us fabulous baked treats which we will miss now that she has you!

Thanks for stopping over at the BDew house. I hope we left as big of a mark on your life as you did ours!


Your Foster Parents

Ok, don't blame me that my picture isn't so great!

Meet Happy! Happy isn't very happy with his photo on the website and thinks it may be why he is getting passed over..and he is also worried that all of you potential adopters out there may be passing him over due to his breed.

First things first, he would like to clarify he is the exception to the rule- he is not dominant and co-exists quite nicely with other dogs. In fact, he loves to play with them and really enjoys their company. He is also wonderful with his humans as well. He is quite the well rounded boy.

He has also asked me to mention he is crate trained, leash trained and housebroken. He has been in rescue since February 2010 and hardly anyone ever even inquires about him. He is said to have very hurt feeling over the whole thing!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Volunteer Needed for 5k

If you read this blog you know our 5k is Saturday August 14th. We need a ton of help the day and are looking for anyone and everyone who will help. You do not need to be a Volunteer of BDHPI to help out!

We need help with:

Set up of pop up tents, tables & chair
Course set up ( fill doggie pools & human water stations)
Food/Drink set up
Break Down

Please email if you would like to volunteer you time! The more the merrier.

Please note set up will begain at 6am ( yes, we will be out before the birds!)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carillion is FINALLY home at 10 yrs young!

Hi Lindsay & Bree!

We thought you might like to read and see an update on Carillion :) First, his name has morphed into Rilla--we kept trying to decide what to name him and just started calling him Rilla for short so that seems to have stuck and he likes it too.

He is doing amazingly well! He's been to see Dr. Danielson at Evergreen Animal Hospital and now has medicine to heal his leg and keep him feeling spiffy and not in so much pain from the arthritis. He has gained about 5 pounds since we adopted him a few weeks ago and with his appetite he won't have any problem putting a few more on :) He and Tallie have become fast friends and while he doesn't have as much rowdy energy as she does (although, what other Great Dane does?!), they have enjoyed little 10-30 second spurts of playtime in the yard. She's also quickly taught Rilla the ways of the comfy couch for long naps and how to do several different tricks for good treats.

Rilla is such a wonderful addition to our little family and we are so glad he's with us. He is healing fast and has brought so much love and compassion into our home. His sweet, gentle, curious and goofy personality comes out more and more every day and we just love him. Thank you so much for rescuing this little old man who many probably thought didn't stand a chance at surviving! Looking at him these days, warm, safe and snoring (and of course farting, ha ha!) on the couch, you'd never guess what he's been through before.

Thanks again!
Melissa & Jeff

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cause for Paws in Lincoln, NE

BHDPI loves Cause for PAWS!

Cause for Paws is a establishment raises money to help leading animal charities through retail sales. They accept donations of gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, decorative items, glassware, household items, and electronics and just about anything that is in good condition. Owner and Sales Manager Adair Sue Smith-Sturgis (Sue) has decades of skill selling high end women’s clothing and accessories. She was a fashion coordinator at the former Hovlan Swansons and J Braggs of Lincoln. Sue wanted to use her skills at fashion sales to help raise money for the true love of her life, animals in need.

They have raised over $21,000 for animals in needs. They also just donated $500 to us today!

5700 Old Cheney Road
Suite #4
Lincoln, NE 68156