Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carillion is FINALLY home at 10 yrs young!

Hi Lindsay & Bree!

We thought you might like to read and see an update on Carillion :) First, his name has morphed into Rilla--we kept trying to decide what to name him and just started calling him Rilla for short so that seems to have stuck and he likes it too.

He is doing amazingly well! He's been to see Dr. Danielson at Evergreen Animal Hospital and now has medicine to heal his leg and keep him feeling spiffy and not in so much pain from the arthritis. He has gained about 5 pounds since we adopted him a few weeks ago and with his appetite he won't have any problem putting a few more on :) He and Tallie have become fast friends and while he doesn't have as much rowdy energy as she does (although, what other Great Dane does?!), they have enjoyed little 10-30 second spurts of playtime in the yard. She's also quickly taught Rilla the ways of the comfy couch for long naps and how to do several different tricks for good treats.

Rilla is such a wonderful addition to our little family and we are so glad he's with us. He is healing fast and has brought so much love and compassion into our home. His sweet, gentle, curious and goofy personality comes out more and more every day and we just love him. Thank you so much for rescuing this little old man who many probably thought didn't stand a chance at surviving! Looking at him these days, warm, safe and snoring (and of course farting, ha ha!) on the couch, you'd never guess what he's been through before.

Thanks again!
Melissa & Jeff

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