Tuesday, May 4, 2010


To our sweet Lola,

You are a resilient girl! Stray, starving, bad hips, bred too young and saved in the nick of time by BDHPI before your time was up at a shelter...all of that and your warm personality was not tarnished at all!

You came into our home and hearts without skipping a beat. You never knew the word "stranger" and shared your love with anyone who would look your way. Your strange sleeping positions and silly ways brought so many smiles to our faces. Even when naughty we could never stay angry long, you would flash us your snaggle tooth smile and were instantly forgiven. You've been with us for over four months now, and our house will certainly feel empty without your BIG personality! Deacon will be so sad without his girlfriend.

We wish you well with your new Mom and fellow BDHPI alum, Chance. I know she loves you already and you will have the wonderful life your deserve. She also has made us fabulous baked treats which we will miss now that she has you!

Thanks for stopping over at the BDew house. I hope we left as big of a mark on your life as you did ours!


Your Foster Parents

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