Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok, don't blame me that my picture isn't so great!

Meet Happy! Happy isn't very happy with his photo on the website and thinks it may be why he is getting passed over..and he is also worried that all of you potential adopters out there may be passing him over due to his breed.

First things first, he would like to clarify he is the exception to the rule- he is not dominant and co-exists quite nicely with other dogs. In fact, he loves to play with them and really enjoys their company. He is also wonderful with his humans as well. He is quite the well rounded boy.

He has also asked me to mention he is crate trained, leash trained and housebroken. He has been in rescue since February 2010 and hardly anyone ever even inquires about him. He is said to have very hurt feeling over the whole thing!!

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