Monday, May 10, 2010

Tripod Alert! Tripod Alert!

Romeo & Honey are both proof that "Every BIG dog deserves a chance!"

Romeo had his front let amputated after severe nerve damage. Don't be fooled by his tough guy appearance- He is a happy go lucky boy who is feeling so much better now! He is great with humans of all sizes and dogs alike! Everyone who meets him quickly falls in love.

Honey lost her leg due to being hit by a car! We are just thankful she is alive! In fact, she came into rescue with the name "Marge", but her foster parents quickly realized she is as sweet as honey...and her name was changed!

Once these guys recover from their surgeries, you would be surprised at how great they can get around! I fostered a Dane once who lost a leg due to injury and she was faster than any of my other dogs!

We hope you can look past the injury and see the beautiful souls within!

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