Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Stink Bug Project

In 2010, Suz, one of our volunteers and also a dear friend of Bree & Lindsay our VP and President, fought the battle of her life against ovarian cancer. During her battle she often spoke to Bree of her rescue Great Dane, Kaya- and Kaya's innate ability and desire to want to make Suz feel better. Kaya is a silly, goofy girl but in the thick of chemo and treatments, Kaya became Suz's personal bodyguard...even growling at caregivers when they approached at med time.

Photo courtesy of Rouxby Photography (

During a recent lunch, Suz told Bree about The Stink Bug Project ( The Stink Bug Project was created by 9 year old Allison and her family after Allison fought her own brave battle with cancer and realized what a great gift their dog Coco had been during the hard times. Allison wants other children to know the love of a dog during illness. So with that dream, The Stink Bug Project was born. To accomplish this goal, they sell homemade dog cookies.

Business is booming for this great organization and they need help baking on the weekends. Bree sent out a call for help and many BDHPI volunteers along with friends from the dog community showed up and helped!

So, we spent a few hours today mixing, rolling, cutting and baking dog cookies. We got to spend time with Allison and her Mom. Shannon from Rocky Mountain Mastiff Fanciers even brought an 11 week old OEM for us to play with!

We had such a great time today and plan to return soon.

You can order dog cookies by visiting their website!

Thanks Allison for hosting us today!

Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP Taneal

We said goodbye to one of our own yesterday, Taneal the Great Dane who had recently become a member of our permanent foster program.

Taneal had severe spondylosis and was rapidly losing control of her bowels. We all knew she wasn't a candidate for adoption but we also knew she had some time left with us.

During her time with BDHPI, Taneal was lucky enough to be loved by two foster families....James and Christina had Taneal for months and adored her and Mikey who had Taneal during the last month of her life.

In recent days Taneal stopped eating and cried out in pain. She also stopped interacting with Mikey and her other dogs. We sadly knew it was time to make the very difficult decision.

As Officers of BDHPI we can never thank our foster families enough for doing what they do!

Taneal spent her final days with Mikey, who as adopted 3 Mastiffs from us:

While I only had a short time with Taneal, she made a very big impact very quickly. She was very sweet and loved attention. They first night I had her I was sitting next to her and she started what I thought was growling at me. While I sat up in alarm, her growl turned into a little song with her paw reaching for me for some loving. She became quick friends with my mastiff crew and often tried to get them to play with her, even though sometimes her vocal songs would scare them at first. She loved to sneak up on the couch when I wasn’t looking and she soon realized once she made it up there, I didn’t have the heart to make her get down. She loved to go on our hikes and she would prance off and explore the world around her with such enthusiasm and would come sprinting back with this huge smile on her face. She loved being off leash and allowed to run wherever she wanted to go. She was a big fan of our snowshoe excursions and would chase Chance and Lola through the snow and bury her head in it. She was so active I thought I’d get to have her for quite a while. Unfortunately she took a quick turn for the worse and to the vet we went. I was still hoping it was something else they could fix but when he was examining her hips and she cried so loud and even growled, I knew then she was in a lot of pain and had been very brave and the time had come. I take great comfort knowing she is now running and playing with no pain. She deserves that so much!! Thanks BPHP for doing all you did for that sweet girl and I’m so thankful I was able to meet her and be a part of her life. I hope I had as much as an impact on her as she had on me.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Lauren and Kristy pay for Inara's ER visit

Kristy and Nolan are our awesome volunteers in Wichita and they are fostering Inara, the Borzoi puppy.

Last night, after a play session with her foster brother, Krsity noticed an open wound on Inara's inner leg. She immediately placed a call to her neighbor and fellow volunteer, Lauren, and off to the ER they went.

Inara's injury was not serious, but did cost $350 to fix this poor girl up!

While BDHPI pays for all medical costs associated with our foster dogs, Kristy and Lauren have started their own little Facebook campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of their late night ER visit. We certainly appreciate the kind gesture!!

A note from Kristy:

Okay all my dog loving friends, we had to take our foster Inara to the ER vet last night to get stitches We aren't sure how it happened but she had a laceration on her leg to the muscle. She was a very brave girl! We waited for two hours to see the vet and she did great the whole time!They did have to put her under to sew her back up and make sure she didn't need an drain tube. The ER vet did a great job! She is doing great to day! Not happy about wearing the cone but she will survive!As many of you know the ER does not come cheap. I am hoping to get some donations to help off set the cost of last nights visit. The rescue takes care of the cost but I really hope I can get some of my peeps to pitch in! Let me know if you would like to help out! You can go to to donate! A big thanks to volunteer and friend Lauren for going with us!

Happy Birthday, Shira!

Shira (formerly Suraya) is 9 years old today! I have attached a few pictures of her new life. She lives in Capital Hill (almost downtown Denver) with her younger brother Asher the Great Dane (also BDHPI).

Shira has become so playful. When she came to us as a foster in June she was so sad and depressed after leaving her only family and her former brother. She had a few boo boos that needed to be removed and a dull coat - we figured out that she had a significant food allergy that we addressed with a low ingredient diet, and she also had arthritis which we addressed with some pain meds and really great joint supplements. You would never know that she has arthritis now…she runs around like a 4 year old at the park. We also had her pexied – and I am so glad we did, she is the “burpiest” dog we have ever had or fostered, and that is saying something.

It took Shira months to settle in and raise her ears. She was head shy and if I even spoke in a slightly elevated voice she cowered. Now she owns the house, the couch, the crate and anything else she wants. She sleeps on a double dog bed on Scott’s side of the bed next to a heater and covered with a soft blanket – all night long. She snores like a little old lady. She barks at any dog that she thinks is playing too hard with Asher! She walks all over Capital Hill every day with me and hangs out and sleeps the rest of the time. She is muscular and happy and such a joy to be with. She is particularly attached to my husband and follows him around when he is home.

Since we foster-failed with her (adopted her), we have discovered that she knows a lot of tricks. Her favorite is to stand up and hug you – we have to warn people to not stretch out their arms or she takes it as an invitation, and she is TALL….all muscle and a tall 130 pound female – still a little taller than Asher, who is 2 1/2, you can imagine! She is also very talkative, and she knows shake, sit, roll over, bang-bang and high five. Hilarious!

She is doing so well. We just love her. Adding a senior dog is such a blessing, and we will keep doing it.

Thank you BDHPI for all you do!

Marie & Scott Silverstein

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come see us in Spring, TX!

FEB. 10, 2011: Join Paw it Forward Training and Big Dogs Huge Paws for Yappy Hour at Barker Street Gourmet Dog Bakery and Boutique!

WHAT: Paw It Forward Training will be hosting a Yappy Hour benefitting Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc.! We will have amazing raffle prizes and all money raised will go to the dogs. Barker Street is also kind enough to donate a percentage of the February 10th sales to the rescue, too. To add to the fun and get in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we will have a "photo booth" - for a $5 donation you can get your picture taken with your canine sweetheart and printed in a Valentine's Day themed photo frame (on the spot!).

WHEN: Thursday, February 10 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm

WHERE: Barker Street Gourmet Bakery and Boutique, 442 Sawdust Rd, Spring, TX, 77380-2259

QUESTIONS? INTERESTED IN HELPING WITH THE EVENT? Please feel free to contact either Chrissie DeCesare (Owner and Trainer, Paw it Forward Training, LLC) at 281-841-1963/ or Erin Sedlar, BDHP Volunteer Event Chair at

We're looking forward to seeing you at Barker Street for Yappy Hour on Thursday, February 10th!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dobby Update 1

Dobby is around a 10 month old, Fawn, Mastiff mix. He was found as a stray and has been horribly neglected. We believe that he was kept in a cage too small for him that stunted his growth. As you can see in the photos, poor Dobby has severe Sarcoptic mange and he was previously barely able to walk, hunched over and his skin was hot to touch and leathery. After only 2 weeks of treatment he is a changed dog - his skin is noticeably clearer, peach fuzz is coming in on his feet and legs, and he is actually running and playing! He is a very happy dog who makes friends wherever he goes. Dobby is house trained, crate trained and is getting more and more comfortable on a leash with only a little work. He appears to be very eager to please and treat motivated so he is a fast learner. He shakes hands with both paws now and never barks or makes a fuss about anything. Dobby is a diamond in the rough and will be a very special new addition once he is healthy and ready for adoption!

Dobby is on Medical Hold due to mange.

Video 1:

Video 2:

We will keep you all updated on this sweet boy's journey!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Calling all Nebraskans

There is more than one Miss America in Nebraska, come visit Big Dogs Huge Paws booth this weekend at the Lancaster Event Center, 84th & Holdrege, Lincoln NE, for the Women's Expo. We will be there Jan 22 & 23 from 10 - 5. Daizy the Big, Black & Beautiful Great Dane will be there as well as other foster dogs!

We have dog tugs and a $1 raffle for a Keurig (special edition gormet single cup home brewing system--all donations go to the dogs in our care for spays, neuters, medical costs and foster dog food). Come support the Women's Expo and see our foster dogs first hand! We are also looking for volunteers, find out how you can help.


See you Saturday or Sunday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleeping Giants

Permanent Foster Lily the OEM (far left) is fitting in just fine with her new brothers, Deacon & Zach Dew

Friday, January 14, 2011


Here at BDHPI we always continued to be surprised by people's generosity. Debbie Black, of In Touch Canine Care, is one of those people.

Debbie is a Canine Massage Therapist and contacted BDHPI a few months ago offering to massage our foster dogs for free! So far she has worked on a few of our seniors- Frisco, Grand Daddy and now she can add Lily to her list.

As you can see from this picture, Lily was in heaven. She was wiggling around showing Debbie all of the spots she wanted her to work on! After Debbie left, Lily got her monkey toy and snuggled into her dog bed for a long snooze. When my husband got home from work he asked why Lilly seemed so relaxed, not knowing she had even had a massage!

Thanks Debbie for your generous offer! Lily can't wait for her next session!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BDHPI Event at Zuma Ranch in Littleton, CO

Join us for a Canine-Equine Rescue Event!

When: Saturday, February 19th 11am - 3pm

Where: Zuma’s rescue ranch• American Sport Horse Stables • 7745 N Moore Rd • Littleton, CO

Bring your dogs • Bake sale • games & activities • Kissing Booth

Meet adoptable gentle giants, both canine and equine!

Questions? need directions?
email heather at


We need homes...7 months in rescue is too long!

My name is Lennox. I am a 5 yr old Mastiff Mix, and have been with BDHPI since July 2010. It makes me sad that I keep getting passed over. I do have a condition that causes dry eyes, but the wonderful vets at BDHPI say I only need daily eye drops. How hard can that be? I LOVE little dogs and cats, and with proper introductions get along with the big dogs too. Won't you consider me? I will give you back my love ten fold!

My name is Clifford. I have been with BDHPI since July of 2010. I was well loved before coming into rescue and have been so sad that I keep getting passed over. I am great with other animals and do just fine with older kids too. Just 'cause I am 6 yrs old doesn't mean I can't give you my heart! I just get better with age!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Now that's what I am talking about!

Remember Mabel, I just posted about her here on December 20th:

Well, we are thrilled to announce that Mabel has found a home. And, not just any home... A home made just for her. A family that ONLY wanted her, and noone else. Sadly, deaf dogs that can be unpredictable with other dogs are tough to place. Usually people don't come to us looking for them. But Amanda and Eric sure did!

Amanda and Eric know Shannon, Mabel's foster mom, so Shannon was able to give them all the details and tricks of the trade to set Mabel up for success.

When we got the call that Mabel had a home, we all jumped for joy...a tear may have come to a few of our eyes!

At BDHPI we believe that there is a home for all dogs and this just proves that if you are patient, they will come!

Congrats Amanda, Eric and Miss Mabel!