Friday, January 14, 2011


Here at BDHPI we always continued to be surprised by people's generosity. Debbie Black, of In Touch Canine Care, is one of those people.

Debbie is a Canine Massage Therapist and contacted BDHPI a few months ago offering to massage our foster dogs for free! So far she has worked on a few of our seniors- Frisco, Grand Daddy and now she can add Lily to her list.

As you can see from this picture, Lily was in heaven. She was wiggling around showing Debbie all of the spots she wanted her to work on! After Debbie left, Lily got her monkey toy and snuggled into her dog bed for a long snooze. When my husband got home from work he asked why Lilly seemed so relaxed, not knowing she had even had a massage!

Thanks Debbie for your generous offer! Lily can't wait for her next session!

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