Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP Taneal

We said goodbye to one of our own yesterday, Taneal the Great Dane who had recently become a member of our permanent foster program.

Taneal had severe spondylosis and was rapidly losing control of her bowels. We all knew she wasn't a candidate for adoption but we also knew she had some time left with us.

During her time with BDHPI, Taneal was lucky enough to be loved by two foster families....James and Christina had Taneal for months and adored her and Mikey who had Taneal during the last month of her life.

In recent days Taneal stopped eating and cried out in pain. She also stopped interacting with Mikey and her other dogs. We sadly knew it was time to make the very difficult decision.

As Officers of BDHPI we can never thank our foster families enough for doing what they do!

Taneal spent her final days with Mikey, who as adopted 3 Mastiffs from us:

While I only had a short time with Taneal, she made a very big impact very quickly. She was very sweet and loved attention. They first night I had her I was sitting next to her and she started what I thought was growling at me. While I sat up in alarm, her growl turned into a little song with her paw reaching for me for some loving. She became quick friends with my mastiff crew and often tried to get them to play with her, even though sometimes her vocal songs would scare them at first. She loved to sneak up on the couch when I wasn’t looking and she soon realized once she made it up there, I didn’t have the heart to make her get down. She loved to go on our hikes and she would prance off and explore the world around her with such enthusiasm and would come sprinting back with this huge smile on her face. She loved being off leash and allowed to run wherever she wanted to go. She was a big fan of our snowshoe excursions and would chase Chance and Lola through the snow and bury her head in it. She was so active I thought I’d get to have her for quite a while. Unfortunately she took a quick turn for the worse and to the vet we went. I was still hoping it was something else they could fix but when he was examining her hips and she cried so loud and even growled, I knew then she was in a lot of pain and had been very brave and the time had come. I take great comfort knowing she is now running and playing with no pain. She deserves that so much!! Thanks BPHP for doing all you did for that sweet girl and I’m so thankful I was able to meet her and be a part of her life. I hope I had as much as an impact on her as she had on me.


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