Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Stink Bug Project

In 2010, Suz, one of our volunteers and also a dear friend of Bree & Lindsay our VP and President, fought the battle of her life against ovarian cancer. During her battle she often spoke to Bree of her rescue Great Dane, Kaya- and Kaya's innate ability and desire to want to make Suz feel better. Kaya is a silly, goofy girl but in the thick of chemo and treatments, Kaya became Suz's personal bodyguard...even growling at caregivers when they approached at med time.

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During a recent lunch, Suz told Bree about The Stink Bug Project ( The Stink Bug Project was created by 9 year old Allison and her family after Allison fought her own brave battle with cancer and realized what a great gift their dog Coco had been during the hard times. Allison wants other children to know the love of a dog during illness. So with that dream, The Stink Bug Project was born. To accomplish this goal, they sell homemade dog cookies.

Business is booming for this great organization and they need help baking on the weekends. Bree sent out a call for help and many BDHPI volunteers along with friends from the dog community showed up and helped!

So, we spent a few hours today mixing, rolling, cutting and baking dog cookies. We got to spend time with Allison and her Mom. Shannon from Rocky Mountain Mastiff Fanciers even brought an 11 week old OEM for us to play with!

We had such a great time today and plan to return soon.

You can order dog cookies by visiting their website!

Thanks Allison for hosting us today!

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