Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shira!

Shira (formerly Suraya) is 9 years old today! I have attached a few pictures of her new life. She lives in Capital Hill (almost downtown Denver) with her younger brother Asher the Great Dane (also BDHPI).

Shira has become so playful. When she came to us as a foster in June she was so sad and depressed after leaving her only family and her former brother. She had a few boo boos that needed to be removed and a dull coat - we figured out that she had a significant food allergy that we addressed with a low ingredient diet, and she also had arthritis which we addressed with some pain meds and really great joint supplements. You would never know that she has arthritis now…she runs around like a 4 year old at the park. We also had her pexied – and I am so glad we did, she is the “burpiest” dog we have ever had or fostered, and that is saying something.

It took Shira months to settle in and raise her ears. She was head shy and if I even spoke in a slightly elevated voice she cowered. Now she owns the house, the couch, the crate and anything else she wants. She sleeps on a double dog bed on Scott’s side of the bed next to a heater and covered with a soft blanket – all night long. She snores like a little old lady. She barks at any dog that she thinks is playing too hard with Asher! She walks all over Capital Hill every day with me and hangs out and sleeps the rest of the time. She is muscular and happy and such a joy to be with. She is particularly attached to my husband and follows him around when he is home.

Since we foster-failed with her (adopted her), we have discovered that she knows a lot of tricks. Her favorite is to stand up and hug you – we have to warn people to not stretch out their arms or she takes it as an invitation, and she is TALL….all muscle and a tall 130 pound female – still a little taller than Asher, who is 2 1/2, you can imagine! She is also very talkative, and she knows shake, sit, roll over, bang-bang and high five. Hilarious!

She is doing so well. We just love her. Adding a senior dog is such a blessing, and we will keep doing it.

Thank you BDHPI for all you do!

Marie & Scott Silverstein

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