Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Lauren and Kristy pay for Inara's ER visit

Kristy and Nolan are our awesome volunteers in Wichita and they are fostering Inara, the Borzoi puppy.

Last night, after a play session with her foster brother, Krsity noticed an open wound on Inara's inner leg. She immediately placed a call to her neighbor and fellow volunteer, Lauren, and off to the ER they went.

Inara's injury was not serious, but did cost $350 to fix this poor girl up!

While BDHPI pays for all medical costs associated with our foster dogs, Kristy and Lauren have started their own little Facebook campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of their late night ER visit. We certainly appreciate the kind gesture!!

A note from Kristy:

Okay all my dog loving friends, we had to take our foster Inara to the ER vet last night to get stitches We aren't sure how it happened but she had a laceration on her leg to the muscle. She was a very brave girl! We waited for two hours to see the vet and she did great the whole time!They did have to put her under to sew her back up and make sure she didn't need an drain tube. The ER vet did a great job! She is doing great to day! Not happy about wearing the cone but she will survive!As many of you know the ER does not come cheap. I am hoping to get some donations to help off set the cost of last nights visit. The rescue takes care of the cost but I really hope I can get some of my peeps to pitch in! Let me know if you would like to help out! You can go to to donate! A big thanks to volunteer and friend Lauren for going with us!

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