Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dryden (Harlo) moves to FL!

Harlow, who now answers to Dryden is one lucky boy! He came to BDHPI with a bad case of Wobblers and we were thrilled to find out he was a surgical candidate. He is one of the lucky ones!

After months with his wonderful foster home, he was recently adopted my Mark and Tine in FL! Mark and Tine have a long history with BDHPI and we were all sad when they moved to FL last year, but so happy when they decided to adopt this big lug!
Congrats to all of them!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd Annual Run with the Big Dogs 5k- REGISTER NOW!

It's that time of year again! You are cordially invited to participate in our 2nd Annual "Run With the Big Dogs" 5k event!

When: Saturday August 14th

Time: 7:30 Registration, 8:25 Blessing of the Animals & 8:30 Race time

Where: Clement Park in Littleton, CO

Cost: $50 for a single entry & $75 for a family

What do you get: A full heart, goodie bag & T-shirt ( two t's for family entries)

How to register: Go to Click on donate and indicate that your money is for either a single or family entrant! Don't forget to add in your shirt size too!

What if you can't attend?: If you can't attend for any reason you can still support us from afar from the comforts of your own bed by SNOOZING FOR THE BIG DOGS! You can make a $50 donation and will receive a t-shirt too!

Music**Vendors**Food**Drink**BDHPI merchandise **Photography**Foster Alley**Microchipping**Nail trims**Ear cleanings

Only 3 days left to order your Sunny Soaps

Sunny's Soaps has been kind enough to donate a 10% of their sales for the entire month of April to BDHPI! I just ordered mine for Mother's Day!

Find product and ordering information at

** Please feel free to contact Rob & Amy at NC-based Sunny's Soaps with any questions about their products, ordering or shipping information at


Monday, April 26, 2010


Meet Yoda. Those ears...those wrinkles...she brings a smile to a gal's face.

Update on Maris

Maris is doing wonderful. She's house trained. Go upstairs to the dogs bed or in her crate on the dog bed when she's tired. She's extremely vocal and I think she's going to keep us all in are place. We absolutely love her, we could not ask for a better dog with the kids.

The Giannelli's

Spawlash was a success!

Our afternoon at Spawlash was a great success! $650 was earned in 3 hours...not too shabby!

Thank you to the following Volunteers who washed dogs for us!

-Lindsay Condon
-Bree Dew & Deacon the English Mastiff
-Dawn Mackenzie, her kids,
-Adrienne & Hayden, & Foster Dogs, Lala the Dogue de Bordeaux & Simon the Great Dane
-Adrienne Burdette & her son, Nathan
-Judy Mead, her girls, Emma & Parker, & Foster Dog, Fiona the Bullmastiff-
-Jennifer Robison & her daughter, Autumn
-Renee Laposa with Cooper

This event couldn't have been possible without the generosity of Grif who owns Spawlash in Thornton, Co! Please be sure to check out his store and dogwash! He has great easy access tubs that fit any size of dog!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jessie has a rough life

Jessie is adjusting well to her new home and fellow four legged friends!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy Day

Rainy day in Denver is good excuses to cuddle with a foster dad!

BDHPI Book Release

Please see this article about our book release party!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

When is it my turn?

Dear Prospective Family,

My name is Ricky and I am a handsome ( if I do say so myself,) 3 yr old Saint Bernard. I've been in rescue since August- that is a long time. I watch the website and see all of my fellow foster buddies being adopted, but everyone keeps passing me by? Why is that?

Let me tell you about myself...I obviously have my looks, but I also have a great personality to boot. I love adults, kids and other pets. I excel at kissing and cuddling. I also enjoy my crate and promise not to potty in your house. I like to go for walks too.

I was a stray and taken to a shelter. Thankfully, BDHPI came to my rescue. I have a wonderful foster family who has been so kind to me. They noticed I was having issues with my eyes and it turns out that I had cataracts. My old family did nothing to help me, but not BDHPI- they paid for surgery to remove them. Can you believe that?

I am such a happy boy but am so lonely for my own family. I don't know why people keep passing me over. Is it because I had bad eyes? I assure you my surgery has really helped. I try to keep my chin up, reminding myself that there must be someone out there who isn't perfect either, but sometimes I just get so sad.

If you are looking for happy-go-luck boy with great looks, please contact my peeps at BDHPI!



Dog wash this weekend in Thornton, CO! See ya there!


Now that it’s time to play outside, what are you going to do about that dirty dog with muddy paws? Bring your furry friends in for a bath! Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue volunteers will be on site standing by to clean up your pup at our April Showers – Clean up for Spring Event; please bring your dogs and invite your friends to join us for a day at the dog wash with Big Dogs Huge Paws!

WHEN: Sunday, April 25th 2010, 11am - 2pm

WHERE: Spawlash self-service dog wash and grooming salon in Thornton, Colorado
* Spawlash is located at 10351 Grant St., Unit #3, Thornton, CO 80229
* Directions and contact info:

Suggested donations: Small dogs = $10 * Medium dogs = $15 * Big dogs = $20

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another senior finds a home!

Carillion is a 9 yr old Great Dane who was rescued from a snow storm. He is an adorable boy who clearly had been living a very rough life. We all quickly fell in love.

We were so incredibly thrilled to learn that Jeff and Melissa were interested in adopting him as a companion for their rescued Dane, Tallie. They all met this week and decided he had to go home with them
Thank you Jeff, Melissa & Tallie for opening up your huge hearts!

Duke the Saint has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Duke was a gorgeous Saint who suffered from severe elbow bad infact, surgery wasn't an option. Duke's foster dad, Tim, happily agreed to let Duke live out the rest of his days with him as a permanent foster. Sadly, Duke's pain became too much this week and the hard decision was made.

The Officers of BDHPI cannot thank Tim enough for such a generous gift he gave to Duke!

Here is a note from Tim:

I have been fostering Duke since the beginning of July, so to say that we were bonded in an understatement. Duke passed gently while laying on my feet while I petted his the whole time. He never lost his spirit even at the end. I loved that dog and he loved be, but the deck was stacked against him. He had severe dysplasia in both hips and his elbows were also degenerating, so he was not a candidate for surgery.

We did some special fundraising and scraped together the $4000 for his first surgery, but with the bad elbows they couldn't operate. For months not Duke really should have been able to walk but he did relying a shear will and his eagerness to please his humans. His heart was huge. I loved him more because of all of his flaws.

This is my first foster that I lost, but I am sure that it won't be my last. I have no regrets with Duke except I wish that we could have more time together. He was doing do well despite being so stiff, but finally his leg completely detached from his hip socket. I let Duke go while he still had dignity. I know that now he's in a better place where he can chase squirrels full speed and enjoy long pain free walks.

Tim Irwin

Surgery #2 for Lola

Miss Lola had her second FHO surgery yesterday. We learned this hip wasn't as bad as the first, but she certainly is acting like it is.

Poor girl was up all night crying and I felt horrible I couldn't make her happy!

I carried her outside to potty...nothing.
I fluffed her bed...nothing.
I covered her with a blanket..nothing.
I brought her a toy...nothing.
I whispered softy to her from our bed...nothing.
I got down on the floor with her at 1am and she crawled close, buried her face in my shoulder and finally went to sleep...success!

I spent the rest of the night on the snuggling on the floor and than sneaking away once she had fallen asleep. It usually lasted 45 minutes before she was awake again and I would be forced from my warm bed to her dog bed!

And in true Lola fashion, her tail goes crazy anytime she hears my husband or I make a noise. Even in pain she has a great spirit!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop Sunny Soaps in April!

Add something fresh to your daily routine – try a variety of scents from Sunny’s Soaps! Sunny’s Soaps creates specialty handmade soaps at great prices, and for the month of April this wonderful rescue-friendly company will donate 10% of all sales to Big Dogs Huge Paws! ** Find product and ordering information at

** Please feel free to contact Rob & Amy at NC-based Sunny's Soaps with any questions about their products, ordering or shipping information at


PS- I have fresh linen and it is lovely!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Denver Deal of the Day!

Hi Everyone-

If you are in Denver, this is for you!

Visit here: and for $15 you can buy a $30 voucher to shop at 6th Avenue Pets. 50% off! What a deal!!

6th Avenue Pet Source
810 E 6th Avenue
Denver, CO

Happy Shopping!

Apollo & Nike

Apollo and Nike are adorable 6 yr old Saints who were turned into rescue due to a change in a family circumstance and to no fault of their own. They are wonderful dogs- great with kids, cats and other dogs. They are housetrained and are not destructive. They are also big time cuddlers!

They adore one another and if possible, we would love to keep them together. We are realistic though and know it is hard to find families who want to take on two dogs so we may need to adopt them separately if the time comes.

This all said, if you are a family looking for an mellow addition, maybe two mellow additions could work? We would love to talk to you more about it, so please put in those adoption applications and we can start the process!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kevlar for K-9's

Many people don't know that our wonderful Chief Admin Officer, Cindy Elkind, also has an increidble non for profit with a wonderful message as well! Kevlar for K-9's provides vests of dogs in areas of war and law enforcment. We love that Cindy provides such an important service!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dog Wash De-Tails for April 25th in Thornton, CO!!


WHEN: Sunday, April 25th 2010, 11am - 2pm

WHERE: Spawlash self-service dog wash and grooming salon in Thornton, Colorado
* Spawlash is located at 10351 Grant St., Unit #3, Thornton, CO 80229
* Directions and contact info:

Suggested donations: Small dogs = $10 * Medium dogs = $15 * Big dogs = $20

QUESTIONS: Want a copy of the event flyer? Want to help out with the dog wash? Please e-mail Renee at

We're looking forward to seeing you at Spawlash on Sunday, April 25th!

Garage Sale!

Our fabulous NE Volunteers attended a large garage sale and set up BDHPI booth full of their tems for sale! Instead of setting a firm price they asked people to give an appropriate donation for the item. They raised $546!!!!

This is a great example of a small group of Volunteers thinking outside of the box! Anyone can do this!

Here's to great Spring and Summer of garage sales!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hugo the English Mastiff was a very special boy who crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. This sweet, sweet boy weighed over 200 lbs and was an ENORMOUS teddy bear with a heart of gold! Despite the fact that he could barely get up and down or walk, it didn't stop him from wagging his tail and sliming you with kisses in exchange for pets and loves! He and his sister, Molly the Saint Bernard, were the victims of cruelty. After 4 long months at the shelter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, awaiting the conclusion of the court case, they were finally released to BDHPI last weekend.

We were told that Hugo had some medical issues and knew that he was going to be special needs, but we were not prepared for the train wreck of a dog that we encountered. It took 3 men to get the poor guy into the vehicle and once we finally got him home and in the house he laid down for a long nap. He was happy to accept treats and gobbled up his dinner and pain meds, but they didn't seem to help alleviate his discomfort much and he cried most of the night and didn't move around much at all.

We took him straight to the vet who did a thorough physical exam and x-rays and determined that he was suffering from severe spondylosis of his spine. It affected his upper and lower 4 vertebra, L2-L6, and the amount of stenosis was causing nerve pressure. The vet said that outside of fusing his whole back, there was really nothing else that could be done. Even then, he wasn't very confident that we would provide him with quality of life because he had such advanced arthritis in all of his joints. To add insult to injury, he was also heartworm positive at an advanced stage. The vet's recommendation was euthanasia to put an end to his suffering. With a heavy heart, we gave him a big hug and gave him this last gift.

He was a special soul and didn't deserve to suffer, but we are hopeful that even though it was only for a few days, he felt loved and cherished while he was with us here at BDHPI!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BDHPI Food Program

Did you know we have a food distribution that benefits our dogs in foster care?

If you live in Colorado, we hope you might consider participating! This program is open to the general public too. We have a wide variety of premium food and treats to choose from, and a portion of the profits go directly back to our wonderful pups!

Dog food pick is up the 2nd Saturday of every month and the pick up location is centrally located- right off I-25 and Colorado. It's a nice Saturday morning meeting the foster dogs that come along for the ride as well as the recently adopted dogs that come with their new families.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and the brands we offer, please email

Update from Dozer's new family

We are doing great!!! Dozer is a perfect fit... it's like he's always been a part of our family:) We go for 2 walks a day and him and Tank are doing great... walking like such gentlemen...Every Wed the boys get to go play all day at Camp Bow Wow and today is his second day... he got a great report card the first day:)

Last Saturday we started training... he's soo smart that he's in the intermediate class. This Saturday Tank gets to start coming, not for the training b/c he's already graduated from that class but b/c we want them to go thru it together... more for bonding and socialization. Dozer is such a lil lover... he loves to be right with ya. Besides snugglin with his mom & dad he loves his new big brother... always copying what Tank does... they love to wrestle, patrol the backyard for birds, snuggle on they beds once they are too tired to do the previously mentioned, AND Tank gives him lots of sloppy kisses.

Thank you again for all that you and BDHPs do. It has been such a great experience and we got sooo lucky to get such a sweet boy that our good friends have recently started the process to adopt from BDHP... we are really excited for them as well:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BDHPI's new book!

The Rescue Book is here and ready to be ordered! This book is our pride and joy as it captures the gorgeous faces and personalities of the rescue dogs that have come through our foster program.

Claire Bow, of Rouxby Photography ( all of the photography and spent hours upon hours editing this book. We are so incredibly appreciative of Claire and her huge heart!

For Hardcovers:

For Softcovers: