Friday, April 16, 2010

Surgery #2 for Lola

Miss Lola had her second FHO surgery yesterday. We learned this hip wasn't as bad as the first, but she certainly is acting like it is.

Poor girl was up all night crying and I felt horrible I couldn't make her happy!

I carried her outside to potty...nothing.
I fluffed her bed...nothing.
I covered her with a blanket..nothing.
I brought her a toy...nothing.
I whispered softy to her from our bed...nothing.
I got down on the floor with her at 1am and she crawled close, buried her face in my shoulder and finally went to sleep...success!

I spent the rest of the night on the snuggling on the floor and than sneaking away once she had fallen asleep. It usually lasted 45 minutes before she was awake again and I would be forced from my warm bed to her dog bed!

And in true Lola fashion, her tail goes crazy anytime she hears my husband or I make a noise. Even in pain she has a great spirit!

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