Thursday, April 22, 2010

When is it my turn?

Dear Prospective Family,

My name is Ricky and I am a handsome ( if I do say so myself,) 3 yr old Saint Bernard. I've been in rescue since August- that is a long time. I watch the website and see all of my fellow foster buddies being adopted, but everyone keeps passing me by? Why is that?

Let me tell you about myself...I obviously have my looks, but I also have a great personality to boot. I love adults, kids and other pets. I excel at kissing and cuddling. I also enjoy my crate and promise not to potty in your house. I like to go for walks too.

I was a stray and taken to a shelter. Thankfully, BDHPI came to my rescue. I have a wonderful foster family who has been so kind to me. They noticed I was having issues with my eyes and it turns out that I had cataracts. My old family did nothing to help me, but not BDHPI- they paid for surgery to remove them. Can you believe that?

I am such a happy boy but am so lonely for my own family. I don't know why people keep passing me over. Is it because I had bad eyes? I assure you my surgery has really helped. I try to keep my chin up, reminding myself that there must be someone out there who isn't perfect either, but sometimes I just get so sad.

If you are looking for happy-go-luck boy with great looks, please contact my peeps at BDHPI!



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