Friday, April 16, 2010

Duke the Saint has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Duke was a gorgeous Saint who suffered from severe elbow bad infact, surgery wasn't an option. Duke's foster dad, Tim, happily agreed to let Duke live out the rest of his days with him as a permanent foster. Sadly, Duke's pain became too much this week and the hard decision was made.

The Officers of BDHPI cannot thank Tim enough for such a generous gift he gave to Duke!

Here is a note from Tim:

I have been fostering Duke since the beginning of July, so to say that we were bonded in an understatement. Duke passed gently while laying on my feet while I petted his the whole time. He never lost his spirit even at the end. I loved that dog and he loved be, but the deck was stacked against him. He had severe dysplasia in both hips and his elbows were also degenerating, so he was not a candidate for surgery.

We did some special fundraising and scraped together the $4000 for his first surgery, but with the bad elbows they couldn't operate. For months not Duke really should have been able to walk but he did relying a shear will and his eagerness to please his humans. His heart was huge. I loved him more because of all of his flaws.

This is my first foster that I lost, but I am sure that it won't be my last. I have no regrets with Duke except I wish that we could have more time together. He was doing do well despite being so stiff, but finally his leg completely detached from his hip socket. I let Duke go while he still had dignity. I know that now he's in a better place where he can chase squirrels full speed and enjoy long pain free walks.

Tim Irwin

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