Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BDHPI February Food Drive

Forget the $60 roses that will wilt and die in the in the coming weeks...

Forget the box of chocolates that are going to add unwanted inches to that waist...

Instead, will you join our February Food Drive?

For $34.50 you can feed 1 foster dog! For $34.50 you can help lessen the rescues monthly food bill of over $3500.

Every donor will receive a special thank you note and if you want to donate in honor of someone for Valentine's Day instead of buying those roses, please let me know and I will be sure to send a special note to them!

To join and receive special recognition, please go to www.bigdogshugepaws.com and click on "Donate". Make your donation of $34.50 and be sure when you get to the PayPal page to click on "Special Notes" to let us know you are donating for the Food Drive and if there are any special instructions for the recognition note.

If all else fails, email bree@bigdogshugepaws.com with the instructions!

Thank you!

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