Friday, February 4, 2011

Update on Mont the DDB

Mont and Keela make a great pair. She is bossy and likes to have all the attention. He is laid back but will let us know when he wants something. He makes a cute little grunting sound and will give a play bow when he wants to go outside. When they play together Monty will turn circles like a bucking bronco and push her away with his back end.

He has completed his 1st obedience course at Petco and Dennis reports he is a chic magnet! He is true to his breed in that he takes guarding the house very seriously. I'm seeing some reactive, fear aggression in walks around the neighborhood and am in the process of developing a behavior program for him. Have bought quite a few books from the Dogwise website including the new one by Pat Miller titled "Do Over Dogs" which has information for people who are starting with adult dogs.

Monty has been going to doggy daycare about 1 time a week and plays the whole day long. Most mornings we go for an hour long run in the high desert before work and one of us comes home at lunch to let them out. We are thinking of installing a doggy door. We did not realize how much we missed having a mastiff around the house. The sound of his snoring is comforting to us. He sounds like a little snorting piggy when he starts to sniff anything (can be mistaken for growling by some people.) Very cute. Loves cheese and will take any pill if there is cheese wrapped around it. He has grown a little taller and has filled out a bit, probably the cheese! Just can't thank you all enough for rescuing and fostering such a wonderful dog.

Best Regards,

Mary and Dennis

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