Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update on Annie from her sister!

Hi, I am Rachel. Delilah(formerly Annie) is doing great. I am the youngest in the family, to let you know. I know it must have been hard for her family to give her up, but she is in a great home. She eats 1 and a half cups of food each meal { 2 servings of food each day}. She is pampered by me painting her townails. She has a playmate named Sampson, who she plays with each day. She gets walks just about each day. She sleeps with me. She has an injury on her hip, but we are giving her medicine and it is getting better. She has a lot of toys. Her favorite is probably either the kong or the bone. She is my kind of dog. She is pet alot each day. She gets complimented on alot for looking like a tiger, in fact she even acts like one. She is just about the greatest dog in the universe. Thanks alot for putting her in our home!

Love Rachel.

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