Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cause for Paws in Lincoln, NE

BHDPI loves Cause for PAWS!

Cause for Paws is a establishment raises money to help leading animal charities through retail sales. They accept donations of gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, decorative items, glassware, household items, and electronics and just about anything that is in good condition. Owner and Sales Manager Adair Sue Smith-Sturgis (Sue) has decades of skill selling high end women’s clothing and accessories. She was a fashion coordinator at the former Hovlan Swansons and J Braggs of Lincoln. Sue wanted to use her skills at fashion sales to help raise money for the true love of her life, animals in need.

They have raised over $21,000 for animals in needs. They also just donated $500 to us today!

5700 Old Cheney Road
Suite #4
Lincoln, NE 68156



  1. Hi my name is Lisa Nethaway and my husband and I took in a 3 yr old female Lab-Dane mix last night so it wouldn't end up in the pound. The problem we have is that she doesn't get along so well with our mastiff who is also female, bigger and is 2 yrs old. We were kind of hoping that they would get along so that Tasha would have a place to call home but it isn't working out and we told the woman who surrendered her that we would do our best not to put in the shelter/pound as we know how hard it can be for a large breed dog to be adopted, especially one that is large, black and over a year. We are desparate to find a place for her to get better training and learn how to be ok around other large breeds. She knows the basic commands, is potty trained and very lovable. She has some anxiety issues and doesn't like to sit still. Please, if you can help let me know as we both go back to work tomorrow and are afraid to leave them both in the house alone..we don't want either of them to get hurt. you can email me at
    Thank You

  2. In June of this year I purchased a Mini Teacup Yorkie, she has been such a blessing and wonderful addition to my little family of dogs, two boxers and mini yorkie. I named her Dainty because she was so tiny and petite. My birthday was December 2nd and my friends suggested we go out for dinner and celebrate my birthday. Actually one of my girlfriends came over to my house prior to going out for me to do her hair. When we left all was good but after coming home I realized something was terribly wrong. It is normally routine for my little Dainty to be waiting in her little bed by the front door until I get home but after being gone for a few hours and upon opening the front door she was nowhere in sight. I called her but could only hear her whine and upon finding her near the kitchen my little sunshine was unable to walk and very sick completely paralyzed. Not understanding what was going on I took her to the vet ASAP where they did several tests and blood work. They put her on three different prescriptions, kept her in the clinic on an IV for a week flushing her system because her kidneys were failing. She had zero appetite and was only being fed intravenously. After about a week although very weak she seemed to be coming around and eating. There was an additional problem, when she moved her head she cried in pain. The veterinarian stated it could be a problem with her neck not developing fully and she may need orthopedic surgery. I could probably live with having to put her to sleep if she was getting old but she is just a puppy only seven months old. Knowing I have already spent a lot of money on all the tests and x-rays I'm not sure if I can afford the expense of surgery. I am not one to ask for help but I'm left with no other choice. Was hoping you may be able to find someone that could help my little girl! She is only 3lb 6oz and the biggest love of my life. I love my two boxers too and they miss her little sassy step in the house. Please anything would be helpful. We have been praying for a miracle.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.
    Please Help - $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100 anything helps. I am getting insurance but it will not cover her surgery. I will find out the total cost on Wednesday! I have been told it may cost $2600.00 Mailing address ~BLIMPIE Dainty Jordan 13881 R plaza Omaha, Nebraska 68137
    UNL does not do the surgery, we are going to Midwest Vet in Omaha, Ne
    Annette and Dainty
    ck us out on facebook