Monday, December 5, 2011

Heroes Dance Performance

Brenda O’Brien of Starstruck Academy of Dance in Englewood, CO had a donation drive for BDHPI on Sunday, December 3rd. She choreographed a performance for the holidays about "Heroes" with the intention of inspiring her dancers and their families to do what they can for others. As part of her show, she lead a drive to collect things like leashes, collars, blankets, stuffed animals, heavy duty dog toys and other such items that our rescue might need to help out the foster families. Brenda invited a representative of the rescue to attend as well.

Darlene and I were treated to an amazingly beautiful performance. All age groups participated and did a tremendous job. The choreography was stunning and the dancers nothing short of spectacular.

The dancers and their families made us lovely cards to thank us for the rescue work we do every day. Their photos and notes were very touching. We were astonished to see the stack of items donated for our foster dogs. We filled my Subaru from the front seat all the way to the back!

Items donated include:
1 Raised Feeder
3 XL Dog Beds
2 Lg Dog Beds
2 Dog Blankets
2 Dog Coats
1 Lg Wire Crate and Pad
26 Boxes/Bags of Treats
156 Cans of Dog Food
18 Kong Toys
15 Dog Toys
9 Bully Sticks
6 Leashes
15 Collars

We also received $260 of donations. Huge thanks go to Matt and Brenda O’Brien and all of the dancers and their families at Starstruck Academy!

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