Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome, Lola!

All rescuers love dogs. But I think it is safe to say that some breeds pull more at our heartstrings than others, or maybe it's the look of the dog, or the personality that immediately makes you drawn towards the dog...but every now and again a dog pops up in rescue that really speaks to your heart.

Last weekend I got a call from our CEO, Lindsay, who was gushing over the petite BullMastiff, Lola, she had just picked up from boarding in KS. She said "You are going to LOVE this dog! She looks just like Mellie!" Mellie was the first foster who introduced to my than boyfriend (now husband) to what fostering is all about. She melted his heart with her funny face (Boxer/Great Dane) and her very unique personality. He still calls her 'My Mellie'! I think she imprinted on him on how life changing fostering can both humans and for the dog in need. (All of us fosters need our signifcant others to have one of these experience so they let us keep fostering!!!)

Well, Miss Lola is now in Denver and we are keeping her this weekend while her foster parents are on vacation ( tho, I am already threatening they will not get her back). Lola is tiny, a mere 57 lbs. She is what I like to call a "pretend" BullMastiff. The absolute instant I laid eyes on her, my heart melted. Lindsay was dead on that she would remind me of Mellie. I've been texting my husband all afternoon- I can't wait for him to meet her!

Lola clearly is not feeling well from what I think is kennel cough setting in, but what is even more upsetting is that she needs hip surgery on both of her hips. This poor tiny girl has been bred, not well fed and forced to spend her short 2 years on this earth in pain. With this all said, she has been nothing but loving and endearing since arriving today. Everytime I look at her, her tail wags and wags. If I speak, she lifts her head and I swear she smiles at me. She took one look at our 210lbs Mastiff and flipped onto her back in submission. Even our crazy mean Cocker Spaniel is happy to have her.

Lindsay texted me today that Lola was scheduled to be euthanized the day BDHPI agreed to take her. While I know this situation happens countless times a day in the United States, reading that news brought tears to me eyes. This precious girl deserves a chance, and she almost didn't get hers.

So, if you are toying with the idea of supporting a rescue, becoming a volunteer, foster home or opening your home to a rescue dog, see this video. Lola has be given nothing in life and her tail still wags at nothing more than a comfy dog bed and a nice voice.

BDHPI is making a difference in this dog at a time!

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