Thursday, February 18, 2010

Medical Update on Harlo

From Harlo's foster mom, Adrienne:

Harlo came into rescue with severe wobblers a few weeks ago and Dr. Winton has been working to get him into MRI and then surgery. Poor baby would shake and fall constantly. He would fall turning around, changing direction or even just standing there. His gait was so bad that he would rub bloody rasberries in his paws even walking around the block.

Last Tuesday week, Dr. Lane and the wonderful folks at VRCC performed multiple laminectomy procedures to open up the spinal canal and reduce pressure on his spinal cord. Today he has been home for a few days and he is already much more stable and he is walking much better! He has 6-12 weeks of recovery and he needs some groceries, but Dr. Lane and Dr. Winton think that he is going to much improved.

He already has a new Mom that can't wait to see him: she is a vet tech from Key West FL! He will be recovering for the next weeks with me and then he will be lying on the beach, being waited on hand and foot! He is the biggest, sweetest Dane you have ever met and he talks constantly to tell you how he feels about everything. For now, he will tell you he wants to play! Already he seems to remember he is a puppy and I am having to remind him he is on the injured list and can't rough house or chase bunnies or do anything fun for while.

Special Note: Thank you Dr. Winton. She has a huge heart and has done everything for Big D and me.

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