Sunday, October 25, 2009

Piper Bastyr-Loken

After 11 months in rescue, two homes, two returns, and 5 foster homes, Piper finally has a new last name and a new family to call her own.

We are the first to admit that Piper can be a bit high maintenance and needy, but along the way we all fell madly in love with her. All of our dogs deserve special homes, but Snipey Pipey has had such a rough go of it, it was hard to not be heartbroken when things never seemed to work out for her.

Two months ago, after losing their Lab, Kari and Dan decided to spring Pipes from City Bark and bring her back to their home to foster, where she had been fostered prior to her 2nd adoption. Kari says that as soon as she saw the look of relief on Piper's face in the lobby of City Park, she had a sneaky suspicision that Piper wasn't ever going anywhere ever again!

Kari, being an Animal Behaviorist, set Piper up for success from Day 1 and has really managed her environment. Piper and her Dane brother, Jasper, now run and play non stop. She has also managed to reintroduce toys into their home which have always been a source of problems with Snipes- she just loves them too much to ever consider sharing!

For those of that love her most- The Condons, Dews, and Silversteins- we thank you Kari and Dan for keeping our girl "in the family". We can all now rest easy!

Smiling on her way home from a 5 mile "Congratulations you're adopted" hike with her new parents.

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