Sunday, October 25, 2009


For the last two years we have joked that our Mastiff must have minute playing, the next snoring. As we began fostering for BDHPI, our theory was expanded to the belief ALL Mastiffs have this great gift! It makes us laugh all the time.

Well today, I got physical proof. As I was picking up our bedroom, Deacon climbed into our bed with a toy. I was talking to him, petting his belly, and since I had my camera handy I was snapping a few pictures of him. I accidentally dropped the camera and in the nano second it took me to bend over and pick it up, he apparently fell asleep sitting up.

Of course, I burst out laughing which startled him- he than grunted in disgust and made himself more comfortable!

I walked out of the bedroom declaring that I MUST have another Mastiff! My husband than shook his head in disgust!

Sooooo, since the Dews can't have another, maybe YOU should? I will guarantee you tremendous love and great laughs. Get those adoption apps in, what are you waiting for???

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