Monday, October 26, 2009

Gracie Condon

BDHPI lost one of our own today- the sweet, goofy and silly Gracie. Gracie was the rescue Dane of BDHPI President, Lindsay and her husband Colin.

Gracie was a gorgeous girl, and you always knew how she was feeling by the way in which she moved her giant cropped ears. She had a quirky personality and could run like the wind. Gracie did not trust too easily, but once she did, she really let her personality shine. She adored her Dane brother, Duke, and they both loved tormenting poor Hobie, the Malamute. She also had talon nails from which I think I have scars down my back :)

Gracie has been a wonderful ambassador for the breed. She attended almost every public event that we have ever participated in. We can't always say she loved it, but she did it because of how much she loved her mom.

Over the last year Gracie has struggled with many health issues, enduring several major surgeries. Lindsay and Colin spared no expense when it came to their girl, and we were all very sad to see Gracie take a turn for the worse on Saturday. Today, after a consult with several specialists and our own CMO, Dr Winton, the very tough decision was made that there was nothing left that could be done for poor Gracie.

Gracie spent her last afternoon in front of the fireplace, which was one of her favorite spots. The hotter the better, in her opinion. We often joked she was going to melt, but the heat never seemed to bother her as much as it did us humans.

Dr Winton came to their home so Gracie could pass in a place of comfort. Lindsay and Colin held her as we all said goodbye.

Saying goodbye to one of our own is never easy. I know the Dew's can't imagine her not in their lives. Going to the dog park without Gracie will be heartbreaking.
So Gracie Lou, we say goodbye. We all loved you very much. I asked my Sage to meet you on the other side, I am sure she will show you the ropes. What a lucky girl to be adopted by such giving and loving people. You were a wonderful testament to what a rescue dog is all about.

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