Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Special Needs" doesn't mean "Stay Away"

If you follow the BDHPI website you will see a lot smiling faces with the words
"Special Needs" next to their name. The intent is certainly not to make any prospective families skip down to the next gentle giant, rather to be to as open and honest with our adoptive families about the needs of a specific dog.

Special Needs doesn't necessarily mean extra bills or extra vet visits, sometimes it just means a "not so perfect" dog, maybe one that walks with a limp, or has bad eyesight or hearing like these sweet girls:

Cassie (blind) & Mama (deaf)

Humans aren't perfect, how can we expect our pets to be?

Certainly in some cases "Special Needs" means you may not have the dog for the normal expected life span, which is the case for this sweet girl :


But does this make her less deserving of a home?

If you are looking to adopt, please consider all the dogs- young, old or special needs! You just never know what a special gift you will find!

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