Wednesday, October 7, 2009 belllllyyyyy!

Hi BDHPI Followers,

My name is Juliette, I was found as a stay with a intact male Saint. You can thank HIM for the this big belly full of babies:

I am so glad that BDHPI sprung me from that shelter- they were nice and all, but I'd rather give birth in a home instead of a cold shelter. I should also probably thank my foster mom for what I about to do to her peaceful life :)

The vet counted 9 puppy heads, but I swear I have a few more hiding in there. Please keep me and my babies in your thoughts, they tell me puppies will probably be here by the end of the weekend.

Now, I know how excited people get when puppies are around so I feel it important to make sure anyone reading this who is thinking of adopting one of my babes should know that they will need to go to homes that have giant breed experience...apparently these humans think purebred Saints can be a handful...sheesh....

Well, my bed is calling me. I gotta save my energy for the coming days.

Thanks BDHPI for saving me and my puppies.


Juliette the Saint.

PS- Don't forget that I need a forever home too! As soon as these puppies are weaned, I will up for adoption too!

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