Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Big Load

Another big load of dogs arrived in Denver tonight, many thanks to Heather Shelsted for driving to Hayes, KS and back to make sure these gentle giants were safe in rescue.

We had:

Angel & Cody- The adorable apricot Mastiffs
Fiona- The scared Mastiff with an adorable underbite
Abbie- The puppymill Mastiff
Faith & Tim- The gorgeous Saints
Doc- The beautiful blue Dane
Misty- The wrinkly Neopolitan Mastiff
Skye- The sweet puppy who was met by her adopting family!!

We had to microchip, draw blood and exam each dog. We had to let each one stretch their legs and get some water. It is controlled chaos to say the least!

Many, many thanks to the following volunteers who came to help with the transport:

The Warrens
The Condons
The Dews
The Zimmerman/Sheker Duo
Dr Winton
Lisa Ward
Stacey & Derrik who drove down from Loveland
Our newest foster home, The Pasteurs

As we drove home tonight I said to my husband, "This rescue is making a huge difference. We just saw 8 dogs that would have been euthanized if we had not taken them!"

Next on our agenda? Finding them all great new homes!

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