Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny moves to Texas

Sunny is home! FINALLY!

Sunny has been in rescue for months and months. We all immediately saw the beauty in Sunny, but knew she needed to lose weight in order to live a healthy life.

She spent a lot of time being fostered with Sonya in Longmont, where she began her underwater treadmill exercise routine. Than, she moved down to Denver where she was graciously accepted by the rehab team at Alameda East.

Over the last few months Sunny has lost a lot of weight and we were all very anxious to find her a forever home. We simply could not understand why she kept being passed over by adopting families. Well, now we know why! She was just waiting for Emily and John of Coppell, TX to come along! Emily had made their new addition an adorable new collar and leash to mark the occasion and start of a new life.
We will all miss Sunny terribly, but nothing ever can replace the love of a forever family!
Congrats to Emily, John and their children! You've found a special girl in our Large Marge!

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