Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zeus the Lion

Lindsay asked if I could give Zeus a ride to a vet appointment this morning and being 7 months pregnant and not knowing if he would jump into our Durango, I dragged my hubby from the warmth of our bed to give me a hand....just incase.

I strolled into The Big Backyard to pick up my guest and literally laughed out loud when they brought him up to me, I was greeted by this Lion!

We strolled out to the car, where he promptly jumped into the car with no assistance (and I did catch the eye roll of my husband who I am sure was thrilled he had gotten up early to watch Zeus effortlessly jump into the car!)

As we drove, he kissed our ears and laid his head on mine. We were 5 minutes into our drive when I declared I loved Zeus and most definitely believed we should foster him....yet another eye roll from Hubby.

When it came time for me to leave him at the vet, Zeus got very nervous and clingy. Which in my world, means even more he should come home with us. I wasn't even done putting back on my seat belt before my husband said the following, " I know where you are heading and before you even start let me say that I think he is a great dog. He is very cute and I love his crazy hair and I think he will make some lucky family VERY happy, BUT that family will not be us!"

So with that in mind, I am turning to you all to find space in your hearts and home for Zeus the Lion and for any of the other adorable dogs we have in rescue! BTW, have you noticed how many Great Pyr's we have right now? They are all waiting for YOU!

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