Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For this face.....

For this sweet face of Neshobe, on his way home after 20 days of being lost in the woods, you all truely stepped up and impressed the heck out of the Officers at BDHPI.

People came from all over. Some of you know Neshobe, some of you did not. Some hiked for hours, some for days, some for weeks now. Some spent the night, some rose at dusk to drive the hour from Denver to get there, some saw bears, some saw mountain lions and one even fought off a pack of aggressive Mastiffs (ironic, huh?)

Weight has been lost, shoes have been worn down, tears have been shed, prayers have been sent up & sleep has been lost.

But because of this sweet old face, you all did it! And, I am willing to bet you would all do it again.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done, no effort was too small.

We are so proud to be working with you all!

Your Officers,

Lindsay, Bree, Lisa & Kristie

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