Saturday, September 3, 2011

9.3 Neshobe Update

9/2 Update – Thank you to all the dogs and their humans who searched today

We did not find Neshobe today, but we found very fresh pee and fresh tracks and heard him bark...Marissa was positive. We also think we know where he has been sleeping, although he did not go there tonight. Marissa and I are still up here and are going to search at sunrise with Ava and Asher. We covered lots of territory, however we did not hear any barking. His foot prints are scattered throughout the area.

WE NEED LOTS OF HELP SATURDAY! Please come up and help. He is within a mile of us.

You can check in at Kristine's and then come find us down on Pactolus Rd. and south beaver creek Rd junction. Team – we truly need your help to bring Neshobe home. We need as many volunteers as possible searching around the clock through the holiday weekend, time is of the essence. We are planning to have a fairly large search party scheduled for Saturday night into Sunday morning – please join us! If you can help ANY TIME this weekend, even if it is for an hour or so please let me know.

We believe he is sunning himself and snoozing during much of the daytime hours, so the best time to see or hear him is in the evening and/or early morning between (5am – 7am). However we still need eyes and ears out during the day as well (he was heard barking mid-day earlier in the week).

He is still alive and still here. Please come help bring him home. You and your dogs safety is key. · Please bring food, water, flashlights/headlamps, layers of clothing, a leash (in case you find our mystery man) and some hot dogs or cheese. ·

Please leave a note on your car or at the house and/or call/text/email Marissa or Kristine if you come in/out of the area.· Remember there is only AT&T cell service up there and spotty Verizon coverage. Two way radios, whistles and car horns are great tools as well
Please contact either of us if you are able to help join the search party today or the rest of the weekend until he is found and returned safely back home!!!


Marissa 303-885-0845
Kristine 571-245-8597

We are continuing to remain hopeful and optimistic – he is still out there! Please help us get this sweet old man home. Again THANK YOU ALL for all your work, prayers and positive thoughts – please keep them coming!

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