Sunday, September 4, 2011

Neshobe Update- Sunday, Sept 4th

Neshobe has not been found but he is still alive and in the area. There we no signs of Neshobe during the daytime hours yesterday – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!!! Here is a picture of Lucky, one of Trenny's search and rescue dogs taking a break!

Last NIGHT the search dog team indicated hard on the ORANGE area on the attached revised map again. They were circling in that area and saw TONS of Neshobe prints additionally they heard him alert barking for several minutes. They passed the PURPLE Dot on the map - a few minutes later they doubled-back and there was a FRESH Neshobe poop! This is the same location where we found his urine the night before, so it seems he is eliminating in the same spot…we’ve placed his dog bed there in hopes that the familiar scent will draw him in and keep him in this location. It seems like Neshobe is following the night search team and watching them, but he is not showing himself. He is very elusive. So when you are out there please keep your eyes peeled at all times, Neshobe may be watching you JThe search dog team last night heard him but could not see him. In fear of scaring him off further, while he was trying to come up and bed down, they decided to leave the location to allow him to settle in for the night.

Seems he is traveling up and down Pactolous Lake Rd moving back and forth from the United Power Building (when you first turn off of highway 72 onto South Beaver). He is traveling on the road and in the space between the road and the river. This river is blocked with some fencing and barb wire in places – there is a private fly fishing club there (huge building going up) The river is patrolled 24x7 by guards and they know about Neshobe and are looking for him too.

AGAIN - It is also highly likely he is traveling up and down Pactolus Lake Road– if you like you can simply drive/walk up and down slowly looking for him OR just park and watch - we have to see him at some point. We also need someone to stand near the stop sign (when you first turn off of highway 72) to talk with people and hand out flyers. There will be tons of visitors in that area today and tomorrow and want to make sure they know about Neshobe.

In an effort to not scare Neshobe further, it is imperative that anyone searching for Neshobe have calm energy.


Please call me if you need anything

Marissa 303-885-0845
Kristine 571-245-8597

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