Friday, September 23, 2011

Beatrix & Tastefully Simple meet to raise $$ for a needed eye surgery!

Meet Beatrix:

Beatrix had a bumpy start to life but is in a great foster family now. She recently had her back leg amputated; it hasn't slowed her down one little bit. Beatrix is now in need of eye surgery or she will go blind.

Big Dogs Huge Paws has partnered with a Representative of Tastefully Simple to raise money for Beatrix's eye surgery. This is a great fundraiser for all involved...Beatrix gets her needed surgery and you get the delicious food of Tastefully Simple. This blogger highly, highly, highlly suggests the Beer Bread and the different Soups (Potato, yum!) for easy winter dinners!

If you would like to order Tastefully Simple and support this cause, please go to

1. Do all of your shopping first and then proceed to the checkout. Select "Find Host/Event". Search by :

First Name: Big

Last Name: Dogs.

Select "Big Dogs" as your party host.

Please make sure to select Big Dogs as your party host so Big Dogs Huge Paws gets credit for your purchase.

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