Friday, September 9, 2011

Neshobe Update, 9.9

Neshobe has been seen twice today! First by a woman driving to work. She said he would pop into the middle of the road, approach her car, but run away when she would exit the car! We are encouraged that he is showing interest.

The last sight was within the last hour (It is 7pm MST now!). Marissa, foster mom extraordinaire, is now in hot pursuit! I just spoke with Trenny who is going to finish feeding her children and than head back up with her hounds.

We are all amazed that this senior boy has escaped the bears and mountain lions that he is sharing his space with! He is one tough boy!

Let's home the morning brings good news!

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  1. We spoke with the neighbor who saw him this evening on his property. He said other than a small limp, Neshobe looked healthy and strong! Sounds like this old man has had a fun adventure. Kudos to Marissa for her tireless search. Let's bring him home this weekend!